The belly itchy belly after pregnancy, even if it is unbearable, do not do this action

Miao Miao has been pregnant for more than four months. Recently, she always feels that my belly is itchy, and she is particularly uncomfortable.I used to use an ointment to wipe it with an ointment. Now I am pregnant. I heard that many external ointments contain hormones, and I dare not use it anymore.But the itchy stomach is uncomfortable, and the scratching can only be relieved for a while. It is even more troublesome in case it is caught again. Miao Miao has not been tortured recently.In fact, after pregnancy, due to the growth of pregnancy, the stomach is slowly opened, and various problems will follow.During pregnancy, skin diseases and ethics of ethics are common causes of itching during pregnancy. How can pregnant mothers alleviate this problem?

1. If the pregnant mothers have itchy belly, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not scratch them with their hands.Itching of the belly indicates that the stretch marks are coming. Itching can only play a short -term relief effect, and it will not play a fundamental effect at all.Not only is it useless, it will also cause itchy and more itchy, and the more stretch marks grow, the more you grow.Once it is caught, it will cause dermatitis.Pregnant mothers can apply a little aloe vera gel or olive oil on the belly, and then gently rub the belly with their hands to massage the belly. This can not only relieve it, but also suppress stretch marks.

2. During this period, the skin of pregnant women is more sensitive, so we must keep the skin clean and hygienic, and do not stimulate the skin.In the choice of clothes, the chemical fiber tissue is easy to stimulate the skin, and try to choose loose and soft cotton clothes as much as possible; usually pay attention to personal hygiene and change underwear and coats; when bathing, do not use towels to scrub the skin,Don’t use too high water temperature, let alone use alkaline soaps, because these will only increase the itching of pregnant women.

3. If pregnant women are not just itchy belly, they also have some small red dots, that is, rash. At this time, you can apply some lotion to moisturize the skin. This does not have much impact on the fetus.If erythema and blister, this is a herpes, which will cause itching of pregnant women. Pregnant mothers can use some ointment to use some ointment for treatment.But if it is itchy in the body, it needs to be vigilant. This is likely to be caused by the stasis of bile stasis in the liver. This requires a doctor to cooperate with treatment.

Pregnant mothers have the problem of itching of the belly. They cannot despise but do not have to be too nervous for this. If necessary, you can consult the doctor and do not use the medicine blindly.The ten -month pregnancy cycle is also painful for pregnant women. If the health of the pregnant mothers is good, it is not uncomfortable to appear, and it will not be used casually. This will be very painful for pregnant mothers.Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their physical conditions, exercise properly, and enhance their physique.

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