The belly of 5 months of pregnancy gradually decreased, and the family was worried. After the doctor’s examination, the pregnant mother blushed

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I believe that many expectant mothers will worry about the children in the stomach during pregnancy, for fear of going out to bump into the stomach, and they are afraid that there are some invisible problems in the children in the stomach.

With such a expectant mother, in the early days of pregnancy, the belly was very fast. Many relatives and neighbors saw that the boy was in the belly. The expectant mother was also very happy to hear it.

When she was pregnant for 5 months, she found that her stomach was not big, but she was a bit smaller. This made the family very worried. Is there any problem with the baby in the belly?Hurry to the hospital for examination. After the doctor’s diagnosis, there was no major problem, but caused by constipation during pregnancy. This made the expectant mother blush and embarrassed.

Constipation during pregnancy is actually very common. After pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body will change, and the progesterone in the body will also be secreted in large quantities, which makes the intestinal motility slow.As the fetus grows, some organs of pregnant mothers will be oppressed, causing the intestine to be oppressed, and pregnant women are prone to constipation.

In addition to the changes in hormones, pregnant women’s usual habits will also affect intestinal motility.So which habits can cause constipation of pregnant women?

1. No exercise

After pregnancy, many pregnant women are exhausted because they are tired, refused to exercise, and some are worried about the fetal instability and choose to rest in bed.Many pregnant women do not want to move after eating, and naturally have led to a decrease in intestinal motility of pregnant women and causing constipation.

2. No diet control

In the early stages of pregnancy, the appetite of many pregnant women will decrease, and they cannot eat things, causing insufficient nutrition.After the appetite recovers, in order to make up for the food that had been missed before, some pregnant women would not avoid them, eat various foods, and did not restrain themselves according to the standards of pregnant women.These will cause intestinal motility decline.

1. Persist in exercise

During pregnancy, in the case of physical conditions, adhere to the basic amount of exercise every day.Walking after meals is a simple movement, which is not only conducive to improving intestinal peristalsis and promoting digestion, but also very helpful for later delivery.Under normal circumstances, doctors also recommend pregnant women to do some appropriate exercise.

2. Reasonable diet

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers must pay more attention to their diet. If they are a little careless, they may have an impact on the fetus in the stomach.Pregnant mothers can eat more foods rich in high cellulose, which can not only prevent the emergence of stretch marks during pregnancy, but also help the intestinal digestion.

In addition, you must add more green vegetables and fruits, but do not eat anti -season fruits.When cleaning vegetables and fruits, it is necessary to clean the fruits and fruits to avoid residual pesticide residues.

3. Keep a happy mood

During pregnancy, due to the changes in body hormones, the belly becomes larger than compress the organs in the body, which will cause pregnant women to be moody, which also indirectly leads to constipation.It is important to maintain a happy mood during pregnancy. You must learn to adjust yourself, relax, and have a good mood for pregnant mothers. It is also a better education for babies in the belly.

During pregnancy, it will accompany various things. Expectant mothers should adjust their mentality, communicate with the doctor in a timely manner to ensure that their pregnancy will spend smoothly during pregnancy.

I am a mother -in -law of Nimo, and my mother of a 4 -year -old baby. In the process of raising and educating my children, I can ask me if I encounter any questions. I hope my suggestion can help you solve the confusion and troubles in the process of bringing the baby., Let our children grow better!

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