The best conception of the "pregnancy" in the New Year!

The best conception of the "pregnancy" in the New Year!

Everyone knows that women can give birth to life because they have the crucial reproductive organs of the uterus.In addition to menstruation, fertility, and participation in endocrine, the uterus can also protect the ovaries.The uterus is so important, so how to prevent uterine aging?Want to conceive quickly, how to "move" the uterus to the best conception?

How to prevent uterine aging?5 moves easily ~

The uterus is the cradle of new life, and it is also a guarantee for women’s youth.However, many people occur at a young age, disorders, disorders and amenorrhea, abdominal pain, backache and leucorrhea, and the phenomenon of "uterine aging" occurs.The uterus is so important, so how to prevent uterine aging?Teach you five tricks to make the uterus younger.

1. Go for 30 minutes to improve the blood circulation of the uterine.Take 30 minutes every day, and the blood circulation speed of the uterine can be increased by 10%.

2. Swimming once a week to improve the contraction ability.New Zealand Sports Medical Experts found that swimming 2 hours a week can increase the contraction capacity by more than 10 %.Developing swimming habits can improve the ability to contractions and maintain the temperature in the uterus.

3. Do "warm palace exercise" 3-4 times a week.The method is: the knees are naturally separated, kneeling on the cushion, straight waist, bending forward, so that the chest is as close as possible to the pad, and keep it for 5 minutes.Then lie flat on the mat, do abdomen and hip -lifting exercise, and keep your hips as much as possible in the air for 3-5 minutes, and feel that the uterus shrinks with the body.

4. Scientific contraception.The condom can not only effectively contraception, but also prevent sexually transmitted diseases from infecting the uterus, so that the uterus is often there.An excellent "oral contraceptive" can not only be contraceptive, but also regulate the menstrual cycle.However, a health study at the University of Sydney, Australia shows that taking the same long -term contraceptive pill for a long time will cause passivation reactions to regulate the nerve center of the body temperature, so it should be replaced each year.

5. In close to the ovulation, warm the uterus for a whole month.The uterine spasm that appears during orgasm has a benign stimulus effect on the uterus, which is equivalent to a massage for the uterus.The regular sex life can not only make men and women more affectionate, but also increase the blood circulation of the uterine.Medical research experts from the University of Melbourne, Australia found that a good sex life during ovulation can warm the uterus for a whole month.

How to "move" the uterus to the best pregnancy position?

Under normal circumstances, the uterus is located in the center of the pelvis. The entire cervix and the uterus seem to be called a shot. The fulcrum is in the cervix.The egg developed into a fetus early. Because the husband and wife were in the same room, because the semen accumulated in the vagina, the cervix was soaked in the semen, which was conducive to moving the sperm into the uterine cavity and conducive to pregnancy.Conversely, when the cervix is tilted back and backward, the cervix is upturned. When sexual life, the woman takes a supine lying. Therefore, the cervix is far from semen and is not easily soaked in semen, which affects pregnancy.

As a result, the posterity of the uterine is often related to sleeping posture. Women who sleep after abortion and long -term lying on their backs are likely to cause the back of the uterus.Mild uterine back positions (Ⅰ-Ⅱ degrees) generally do not have symptoms, no treatment is required, and symptoms often occur in severe uterus, mainly manifested as lumbaric acid.Light is only soreness and discomfort on the waist. The severe cases of the entire waist, the tail of the salamander, and the iliac parts on both sides are sour and unbearable. Individual patients extend to the lower back and the groin on both sides.Signal soreness and anal swelling often coexist at the same time, and symptoms of fatigue and menstrual period often worsen.

If you persist for sleeping or lying on the side of the chest and knees for a long time, you can correct the position of the uterus. If you adopt this method, you do not need special treatment to be cured, and the symptoms of rectal stimulation caused by the posterior uterine can completely disappear.

So, can the uterus be removed after giving birth?

"After giving birth to a child, the uterus is useless." "After cutting the uterus, you can peace of mind, once and for all." This concept is wrong.Medical research has found that the uterus has other important functions in addition to fertility.

1. The uterus allows you to avoid infection.The monthly menstruation of once a month plays the self -purification effect of rinse the vagina to protect the body from infection.

2. The uterus can help you maintain endocrine balance.The uterus can secrete multiple hormones to maintain endocrine balance and prevent other diseases caused by endocrine disorders.

3. The uterus also has immune function.Once the uterus is removed, the human body’s immune function will be damaged to varying degrees.

4. The uterus can also protect the ovaries.The reason is that the blood supply of the ovaries after the uterine decreases by 50-70%. At the same time, the ovarian loses the support of the uterus, the blood circulation is seriously affected, the endocrine function of the ovaries greatly reduces or even fails, which has a adverse effect on women’s health.

Losing the uterus, menopausal symptoms will be serious.Women who have removed the uterus are 4 years earlier than the normal female ovarian failure, which means that the earlier the uterus is removed, the earlier the ovarian failure will appear, and the patients with severe menopausal symptoms will increase by 34%.In other words, the removal of the uterus will enter the elderly early. In other words, the removal of the uterus will enter the elderly in advance, and the elderly will appear in advance and more serious.Therefore, protecting the health of the uterus is a health problem that female friends cannot ignore.

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