The blockbuster on the road "Good pregnancy"!What is infertility?I accidentally get pregnant again, is it the flow of drugs or the flow of people?

According to statistics, the infertility rate of people in my country has risen from 3%20 years ago to about 15%.At the same time, there are more than 6.5 million abortion each year, most of which are young women in their twenties and 30s.

Why are infertile people increasing year by year?Can the endometrium be recovered after damage?Zhou Feifei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Hospital of Zhejiang Province in this issue, helps you keep a good "pregnancy".

6 major factors that lead to infertility


Inheritance is the problem of chromosomes brought out congenital, and clinically need to help pregnancy through other methods.


That is, the tube factors or the uterine cavity factors, some people are born in the arch -shaped uterus or the residual horn. Only half of the normal uterus. Such patients also need to pay attention.

Endocrine factors (relatively easy to treat)

Mainly patients with PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome, because she has delayed menstruation. Generally, I have a chance to conceive once a month, but there is a chance of conception.

When the menstruation has been menstruation once a month, it can be counted as the same room; but it is difficult to make time when the menstruation is only here half a year, so this is a very important reason.However, this situation is relatively easy to treat. As long as the follicles are discharged on time and inform the suitable time for the same room.

Immune factors (rheumatoid diseases with "self -contraceptive function")

Immune factors include common anti -nuclear antibodies, which were originally some diseases related to rheumatism.

[Rheumatology with "self -contraceptive function"]

First of all, the antibody war is like an enemy on a piece of soil.Because the embryo is half of the women and half of the men, the embryo is constantly attacked after the embryo is in the woman’s body.

The closed antibody also attacked the embryo, so it is difficult to "survive" and conceive.

Secondly, the ending caused by almost all immune problems is a thrombosis.You can imagine that a group of enemies keep attacking, so this soil is stepped on and lacks blood supply, so the seeds can’t get bed.

[About lupus erythematosus]

Lupus erythematosus is more common in women and also belongs to rheumatism.

Lupus erythematosus is a disease that has been diagnosed, but now there are many people on the "road", which means that she cannot diagnose a specific rheumatism and immune disease, but her indicators have become positive, but the symptoms are stillIt has not appeared, so many infertility patients will further screen these issues.

The problem of coagulation (the previous tire protection was resting in bed, and the current tire protection is going out for a walk)

Parents who often do farm work in their daily lives and have abundant physical activity, while modern people lack exercise. They are basically sitting in the office or home for a long time. Long -term lack of exercise, resulting in poor blood supply to the bottom of the pot.

Therefore, the previous fetal preservation measures were to let pregnant women rest in bed, and the current fetal protection is exactly to let pregnant women go out and walk around.


Infectious factors are more common, such as the infection of mycoplasma and chlamydia.

These infection factors can’t feel it in the body, but they secretly blocked the fallopian tube, but the infection factors can generally be found through examination.


The damage caused by artificial abortion to women is self -evident. It is also an important factor in infertility, and the current artificial abortion rate is also rising.

There are more than 6.5 million artificial abortion every year in my country, of which about 62%of young girls aged 20 to 29.

Habitual abortion

Habitat abortion (also known as recurrence abortion) is defined by the same sexual partner by 2020. It is defined as habitual abortion more than 3 consecutive weeks before 28 weeks of pregnancy.

However, it is found in the clinical practice that the pregnancy loss rate of pregnancy after two and 3 natural miscarriage is similar, which means that according to the previous definition, although the two natural abortion is not called habitual abortion, the two natural abortion times of natural abortion times, the two natural abortion timesThe pregnancy loss rate after pregnancy is still high.

After 2020, the definition of natural abortion has finally been changed to "Natural abortion of more than two consecutive times is called habitual abortion."

[Artificial abortion and natural abortion]

Artificial abortion is that you don’t want it, and the natural abortion is that you want to achieve it. The difference is that artificial abortion can cause damage to the base layer of the endometrium.

Clinical teachers often say to the intern: "This group of girls lying here as artificial abortion are now abortion, and I will be a test tube baby upstairs in the future …"

The reason is that the endometrium after artificial abortion is too thin. When this soil can no longer bear embryo seeds, it will cause various other problems, including difficulty in pregnancy.

So we call for us to prepare before pregnancy; if we do not prepare for pregnancy, we must take safety measures.

First medicine flow, then abortion

If you really can’t ask, there are many ways to choose a clinical method to choose from. It is recommended to do the flow of drugs first and then the flow of people.

Because the drug flow can fall smoothly, there is no damage to the endometrium; if it is not clean, it can be used in other methods to clean it instead of keeping it all the time, otherwise it is easy to be infected.The endometrium is not damaged or infected, which is the best ending.

“””流””””Infertility””Systemic lupus erythematosus”

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