The blood pressure in pregnant women is abnormal, and it must be paid attention to, it may be the disease

What is eclampsia?

Epilepsy is commonly known as horn wind;

Eclaness is convulsions related to having children.

Below we briefly introduce the relationship between dygen epilepsy and pregnancy hypertension.

After pregnancy, blood pressure rose, high pressure higher than 140mmHg, and low pressure higher than 90 mmHg.

It mainly has the following types:

◆ Hypertension of white coat, at first sight, the doctor panicked

◆ Hidden hypertension, it is normal for the first test, but the actual blood pressure continues to remain at a level that is higher than 130/80mmHg;

◆ Chronic hypertension, it has long been high, not until 20 weeks of pregnancy;

◆ Disposable hypertension, only occasionally detecting the hematopoietic pressure is higher than 140/90mmHg at one time, and the rest of the time is normal.

On the basis of abnormal blood pressure (≥140/90mmHg), those who are in any case are in the early stage of eclampsia.

◆ There is urine protein

◆ Urine -free protein but has abnormal changes in organs or systems: such as blood, digestion, nerves and other systems, heart, liver, kidney, lung and other organs

◆ Placenta-Fetails are involved

One of each 12 pregnant women will be affected by the early occurrence of eclampsia. It is also a high -risk factor for pregnant women with cardiovascular disease.Most eclampsia was diagnosed in the late pregnancy period, and pregnant women were diagnosed when they had obvious symptoms.

Eclaration is even more serious. On the basis of the early eclampsia, if ankylosing convulsions occur and cannot be explained by other reasons, this situation is called eclampsia.Oclauses may occur suddenly in prenatal, mid -yield, postpartum, and asymptomatic eclaca.

Why does blood pressure rise after pregnancy?

There are many factors that affect the blood pressure during pregnancy. The high risk factors in the early stage of prequel to pregnant women are as follows:

Past medical history: History and family history (mother, sisters), hypertension genetic factors

岁 Age ≥ 35 years old

(Previous obesity (weight index BMI ≥ 28kg/m2)

病 Hypertension, nephropathy, diabetes, autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus, etc.

因 Hypertension risk factors, such as sleep and breathing suspension

间 The last time the guess is ≥ 10 years

怀 The last time I was pregnant or during pregnancy, there was too high pressure than 130mmHg, and the low pressure was higher than 80mmHg higher than 80mmHg

Early pregnancy urine protein quantity ≥0.3g/24h

蛋 Continue urine protein

胎 胎 胎 胎 ☀

☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀

☀ Diet, environment, etc.

Do I need to take medicine when I have increased blood pressure after pregnancy?

First of all, simple pregnancy hypertension is more common, and it can generally return to normal within 3 months after delivery.

Secondly, pre -eclampsia and eclampsia are more serious complications. Pregnant women and children may be in danger of life and need to attract enough attention.

Early discovery, early intervention, and early treatment to prevent the progress and deterioration of hypertension are the key to preventing and controlling eclampsia.After pregnancy, the blood pressure can be diagnosed as the degree of pregnancy hypertension. Then you need to seek medical treatment in time. According to the doctor’s judgment, take antihypertensive drugs at the right time.Clinically, it is generally used for antihypertensive drugs, such as Labelol, which are relatively safe for pregnant women and fetuses during pregnancy.

In addition, the regular work and good sleep quality are also important, and they should usually sleep on the side.Diet is light, reduce salt intake, and pay attention to replenishing high -quality protein.

Can elastic epilepsy predict?


Recently, a literature published in the magazine of "Nature" announced a new tool for predicting preliminary eclampsia -a few months before the early stage of the premature occurrence of eclampsia, using a blood sample, through gene sequencing methods, Test that the cells in the blood in pregnant women leave the RNA (CFRNA), women who can recognize the risk of preliminary eclampsia can be recognized.

This study was conducted by King London King’s College and the National Medical Service System (NHS) THOMAS ‘Trust Fund in cooperation with Mirvie. There were 8 forward -looking queue studies and collected 2500 blood samples.Blood samples include multiple races, nationality, geographical location, and different socio -economic backgrounds.

Researchers detected anonymous CFRNA maps -molecular signals from fetal and pregnant mothers -it can reflect the development and health of the fetus during pregnancy.Compared with aggressive operations such as amniotic fluid puncture, this study only needs to adopt the blood samples of pregnant women, providing a new non -invasive detection method for predicting pregnant women and fetal health.The detection of DNA or RNA in peripheral blood is also a trend of non -invasive prenatal detection.

Mirvie’s RNA detection platform uses machine learning technology to analyze the above tens of thousands of RNA information from mothers, babies and placenta, and discovered the CFRNA signals different from pregnant women in the early stage of eclampsia.Women in the early stage of eclamps.

Researchers hope that this test can further expand and predict complications of other pregnancy, such as premature birth.Machine learning is a learning technology in the field of artificial intelligence in the field of artificial intelligence. It uses computers to simulate human learning methods, and analyze data or previous experience by building models, strategies and algorithms, so as to circulate optimization of iterative algorithms and achieve efficient statisticsAnalysis, data mining, and knowledge discovery.

Professor Rachel Tribe from the Department of Women and Children in London said: "The earlier to identify women with risk of eclampies during pregnancy, the more timely the prevention is, clinicians can intervene and treat them earlier.It is the exciting value of this study. "The study was completed by the National Institute of Health (NIHR) through the Nihr Guy’s and St THOMAS ‘Biomedical Research Center and doctoral research scholarship funding.

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