The blood vessels who can eat vegetables are better!These 4 types of vegetables are protected by blood, and those who love to eat are blessed ~

With the increase of age, human vascular function will also change, coupled with some unhealthy living habits when young, such as staying up late, big fish and big meat, loving snacks, lack of exercise, stress, etc.It causes vascular sclerosis, the blood circulation is not smooth, and even blood vessels are blocked, which seriously harms physical health.

Eating the following 4 types of dishes in daily life can maintain cardiovascular health.


Cross Flower Vegetable

A study of "British Nutrition Magazine" shows that Cross Flower Vegetables (such as cauliflower and cabbage) have a good auxiliary effect on preventing severe vascular disease.

The cruciferous dishes are rich in organic sulfide called mustard oil. This substance can show biological activity by degrading it into isoocyanate, including assisting and inhibiting tumor, antioxidant, antibacterial, and regulating body immunity.EssenceTherefore, it is recommended that you eat a cross flower vegetable every day.

There are these categories that often appear on our table:

Cabbage: Chinese cabbage, cabbage, vegetable heart, laver, and red vegetables.

Cabbage: broccoli, cauliflower, purple cabbage, karma, and cabbage cabbage.

Mustard: Mustard, Snowfront, Big Curse.

Radish: Green radish, white radish, red radish.

Variables of cabbage: rapeseed and black vegetables.

The best way to eat the cruciferous vegetables is to stir -fry the fire or eat it after being scalded.First wash the Cross Flower Vegetables and cut it before cutting. You must not be cut too much. After putting it in the pot, fry the heat and fry it. It can retain its nutrients to the greatest extent.Frequent eating cross flower vegetables can reduce the chance of suffering from atherosclerosis, cerebral hemorrhage, and ischemic stroke.


Green leafy vegetable

Green leafy vegetables are very common vegetables in daily life, such as lettuce, celery, solemn vegetables, spinach, spinach, cauliflower, etc. are suitable for daily consumption; these vegetables are very rich in vitamin C, K, B2Nutrition such as vegetarian and folic acid, especially its nitrate, is helpful for antihypertensive.

Reminder: When cooking green leafy vegetables, the time should not be too long, it will destroy the material, and it should not be heated repeatedly, which will cause the nitrate to be converted into nitrite, which will damage human health.It is not recommended to eat green leafy vegetables with gastrointestinal discomfort. Try to simmer as much as possible.



Leek, onion, and garlic are all plants of green onions. Proper eating can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease.The reason why these foods have spicy and irritating odors are mainly due to the sulfur -containing compounds, which can play an effect of antibacterial anti -inflammatory, inhibit platelet aggregation, and can also lower blood lipids, lower blood sugar, and prevent thrombosis.

The most worth mentioning is garlic. Among them, garlicin can reduce bad cholesterol and total cholesterol level, increase cholesterol content, improve blood vessel elasticity, and protect blood vessel health.However, it will lose its activity after fever, so eating garlic is the best choice. Put the garlic or cut into slices and put it for 15 minutes before eating.


Red orange yellow vegetables

Red orange and yellow vegetables can list about several vegetables from the name, such as tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, etc. These vegetables are rich in carotene.The probability.The vitamin C and B vitamins contained in them can maintain vascular toughness.

Reminder: It is best to use oil stir -fry when cooking carrots, because lycopene and carotenoids are fat -soluble vitamins. This cooking method can help them play the maximum role.Material and vitamin loss.

How to maintain blood vessels

1. Strengthen exercise

One point to maintain blood vessels is to strengthen physical exercise. The exercise itself has the effect of improving resistance. It also helps to enhance myocardial contraction ability. Of course, if you want to lose weight and lose weight, regulate endocrine, it is also helpful through exercise.

And those who want to maintain blood vessels, actively exercise the speed of metabolism after the body can excrete the harmful substances accumulated in the body. Of course, the blood circulation will remain good. The blood flow is fast during exercise.Local can make blood vessels function normally.

2. Control the diet

To maintain blood vessels, knowing how to control diet is critical.Now more and more people have made mistakes in their diet, and they will reduce their functions because of the disadvantaged foods that are not good for blood vessels. Among them, high -sugar food, high -salt food, and high -fat food have this impact.It affects blood vessel function after changes.If blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids and other indicators can be maintained, it can naturally protect blood vessels to maintain health.

3. Quit smoking and drinking

Protecting blood vessels to make it normal, one thing to do is not to smoke and alcohol.Large smoking, drinking, and harmful substances are obtained in large quantities. The organs will be reduced to varying degrees. The lungs and liver are susceptible to damage. Of course, the heart and the stomach will be damaged and the disease will be accelerated.Many people do not leave, and they can easily increase blood viscosity, and there will be blood pressure changes. Visible virtually virtually vascular will be damaged.If you can actively refuse tobacco and alcohol, natural resistance is improved, and blood vessels are helpful.

Source: Yin famous doctor

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