The body changes after pregnancy, edema, long hair, long spots … the most surprising thing is that this change is

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have various changes in their bodies. Among them, the belly can become larger, the body becomes fat, etc.It was just ignored by pregnant mothers.

Case: The longer the body hair after pregnancy, the longer the body’s mothers collapse directly

Xiao Zhang was a beautiful girl before pregnancy. When she was pregnant, she also paid more attention to controlling weight gain, and she was afraid that she would get fat at once, and it would be difficult to reduce it after giving birth.

I thought that getting fat is the biggest change she experienced during pregnancy. What Xiao Zhang did not expect was that after entering the middle of pregnancy, she found that the longer the body hair on her body wasVelvet, but still makes her feel very uncomfortable, whether it is limbs, underarm, or even her belly.

At first Xiao Zhang thought something had something to do with his body, so he hurried to the hospital to see a doctor. Fortunately, the doctor said that this was just a more special pregnancy reaction.When the body hair grows, most of the growing fluff is growing at this time, and it does not cause any harm to the body.

Xiao Zhang was much more assured after listening, but after a while, her body hair was getting worse and more serious, which also made her increasingly collapse.Even if the doctor said that there was no effect, she still felt that such a sherself was ugly, and she saw her body hair collapse every day.

When Xiao Zhang’s husband saw his wife like this, he took her to a psychological consultation. The psychologist said that this may be a manifestation of depression during pregnancy, constantly guiding Xiao Zhang’s emotions, and telling her that such a body hair response was actually finished.The baby can fade back afterwards.It is precisely because of the psychological counseling effect that Xiao Zhang’s emotions slowly became cheerful.

In fact, pregnant women have these physical reactions during pregnancy. It is still normal. Pregnant mothers do not have to feel embarrassed or troublesome.

01 The body changes after pregnancy, edema, long hair, long spots … The most surprising thing is that this change is

In addition to the body’s long body hair, the most common is the situation of the limbs of the pregnant mothers. This is also the role of progesterone. Many pregnant women have two or three themselves after pregnancy. In fact, a large part of, Instead of real fat, this is why some pregnant mothers obviously see a lot of weight gain during pregnancy, but the reason why postpartum is thin and fast, in fact, it is edema.

Just like I was a friend before, she was fatter after pregnancy. At that time, she even controlled her diet, but even so, she was still very obese. Later, the doctor found that her nutritional intake was insufficient.She was controlling her diet, so she criticized her.

Later, the doctor explained that her obesity was not actually fat, but the phenomenon of edema. If the diet was controlled for this reason, it would not only affect her health, but also make the edema more serious.Baby.When I heard the doctor’s explanation, I was scared that my friends later started to supplement nutrition carefully. After giving birth, I did not expect that it was a lot thinner in just two months. In fact, it was the process of "swelling".

In addition to physical edema during pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will have spots during pregnancy. Especially on their faces, there are many melasma, and their faces will become dark yellow.The role of various spots appears, and some of them are because pregnant mothers have poor sleep quality during pregnancy, resulting in poor skin, which appears spots.

Regardless of what kind of situation, in fact, pregnant mothers should not let it go. It is recommended to make basic moisturizing and adjust the diet and sleep habits. At the same timeBaby affects.

Furthermore, some pregnant mothers also have symptoms of hair loss during pregnancy, which also makes pregnant mothers feel very worried. After all, no one wants to see their "baldness".It is recommended that pregnant mothers take care of their hair more carefully in this process, and do not feel too worried, because this is also affected by hormone changes. After the birth of the child, after breastfeeding, it will return to normal situation.Essence

Finally, there is another change that is more surprising, that is, some pregnant women will have loose teeth. This change is mainly because pregnant mothers are insufficient in calcium supplement during pregnancy, resulting in loose teeth. In fact, in this case, in this case, in this case, in this case, in this case, in this caseIt is often accompanied by cramps, waist pain and so on.

Conclusion: Regardless of the above -mentioned changes, I hope that pregnant mothers can look at it with their normal minds, don’t be too anxious, and don’t take some recipes, otherwise they will endanger the health of themselves and the baby.

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