The bottle nose small dolphin that naturally gave birth to naturally giving birth in the first manual breeding environment in Hebei Province is healthy full moon in Beidaihe New District

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Today, the bottle -nasal dolphin baby in the Holy Blue Ocean Park in Beidaihe New District is full of moon. This is the first bottle nose dolphin that naturally given birth to naturally giving birth in Hebei Province.

Bottle -nose dolphin is a family of dolphins, and wide -kiss dolphins.The females are 1.9 to 2.1 meters long, weighing 170 to 200 kg, male body length is 2.5 to 2.9 meters, and weight is 300 to 350 kg.Widely distributed in the ocean of temperate and subtropicals.Female bottle nose dolphins and cubs form a group, living in the deep -water waters of the offshore, and the male bottle nasal dolphin live alone or 2 to 3 heads to form a small group.It is mainly eaten with groups of fish with fish, squid, and fish, and also eats squid or crab.

From November to December 2021, the breeder found that two bottles of nasal dolphins have appeared in mating many times. Through progesterone values and B -ultrasound, the dolphin SKY was pregnant.As marine mammals, bottle -nose dolphins are 11 months of pregnancy. Most of the dolphins are delivered first, and the entire delivery process will usually last for 2 hours.Like humans, they have to drink breast milk for about a year, and the breasts of the dolphin mother are hidden, hidden in the "gap" at the tail. Therefore, the bottle -nose dolphin is very difficult to breed.There are few cases of successful breeding, so this is not only the first case of Hebei Province, but also very rare nationwide.

During the entire pregnancy, the breeder always observed the physical condition of the dolphin’s "prospective mother", daily physical examination, measurement of body temperature, and adjusting the recipes according to physical indicators, timely replenishing the required nutrients, and carefully recorded the life status of the dolphin mother.After the baby dolphin was born, the dolphin mother always accompanied the little dolphin, breastfeeding every day. Under careful care, the little dolphin grew grow up and her body became stronger.In addition, the breeder also prepared a rich confinement meal for the dolphin mother to supplement all kinds of nutrition.

On January 7, the baby dolphin has been full of the moon. In the future, under the careful care of the professional conservation team, the Holy Blue Ocean Park will also usher in more marine "god beasts".

Dolphins are darlings from the animal world, and they are angels to maintain the ocean.In recent years, the marine environment that dolphins have survived are increasingly affected by global climate change. Various garbage, industrial waste water, oil field waste, and nuclear leaks produced by human life have affected the marine environment one by one. Among themStopping from the worsening of the global ecological environment has attracted great attention from various countries around the world. Therefore, maintaining marine ecology and protecting Earth’s homes has become a common pursuit of human beings around the world.

In recent years, Beidaihe New District has vigorously implemented marine ecological environmental protection projects, continued to advance the construction of marine ecological protection areas, rectify the shore and shoreline, develop modern fisheries, continue to promote the wetland ecological restoration project, establish and improve the river length system, lake long system, bay bay, bay, bayThe long system, normalize and clean the river in the domain to ensure excellent water quality.Comprehensive implementation of dredging, dredging, wetland repair, shoreline remediation, and recovery of farming pools have significantly improved the near -shore waters of Beidaihe New District, and the beautiful Beidaihe New District reproduces the "ecological paradise".

Source: Beidaihe New District Rong Media Center

Correspondent: Liu Feng

Edit: Li Zhicai

Responsible editor: Liu Fuqing

Supervision: Wang Yan

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