The causes of flatulence during pregnancy and response

In the early stages of pregnancy, I did not encounter flatulence, but vomited to die.The gestational diabetes was found in the second trimester, and they were very scared to eat anything. Then the ten fingers tied all the fingers of blood sugar were small holes. In the later pregnancy, it encountered flatulence, and sometimes the blocking stations could not stand up.Why.During pregnancy, I really have a lot of fate, hoping to get to unload.

Bloating during pregnancy mainly appeared in two stages.

The most obvious is the early pregnancy, which is the first three months.

After pregnancy, the effect of hormones is poor, and the stomach acid is poor, and the gastric acid is relatively high.In addition, when you are pregnant, the ovarian lutein gradually increases during the period of ovulation to pregnancy, and the lutein will deteriorate the intestinal peristalsis, and the excretion function will naturally be affected.

Then it is about six months in the second trimester.

The uterus slowly expands. After 6 months of pregnancy, it will slowly exceed the part of the belly button. All the intestines will be squeezed to the top of the stomach and the left and right sides.The peristaltic ability will also deteriorate.

In addition, the amount of movement after pregnancy becomes smaller, the gastrointestinal peristalsis decreases, and it will consume a large amount of high protein, high -fat foods, and some fruits and vegetables that are prone to gas.And if there is a pregnant woman with constipation, because the stool is unwilling to leave in the stomach, it will aggravate the abdominal flatulence.

Coping methods (in fact, they are all old -fashioned, and many other issues are also dealt with, mainly depending on the last two):

1. Meals a small amount

During the flatulence, the stomach is very swollen and the intestinal pressure is also large. If you eat a lot of food, it will cause the stomach to work too much and swell more.Therefore, you can eat 6-8 meals a day, do not eat too much food.In addition, do not eat liquid food, because liquid food is not easy to digest for the stomach, it is best to choose semi -solid food.

2. Eat more cellulose

Vegetables and fruits can be eaten more. For example, during the first pregnancy, the baby needs a lot of protein, so starch, pasta, and beans are easy to produce gas and easily make gastrointestinal discomfort.Act.Vegetables are better than fruits, less sugar, and more dietary fiber.

3. Drink plenty of boiling water

Just boiled water. Do not drink tea and drink coffee.It mainly requires enough water to promote defecation.It is recommended that pregnant women drink more warm water and not drink cold water, which will cause intestinal colic and cause the uterus to shrink.

4. Proper massage

When the bowel movement is not good, the intestinal peristalsis can be used by massage, but what must be known is that the uterus is located in the center of the abdomen. Do not massage to the uterus, which can easily cause uterine contraction.Correct massage method: After 1 hour after meals, gently lie down, 45 degrees and a half lying position, the massage is not too large, about 4-6 times a day.Starting from the upper right abdomen, move it clockwise to the left upper abdomen, and then massage the left lower abdomen. Remember not to massage the part of the uterus in the middle.

5. Walk more

Tourism is also a good way to promote intestinal peristalsis. As long as it is healthy and normal, pregnant women who have no danger of premature birth can take a walk for 20-30 minutes outside 30 to 1 hour after meals.If there are no places suitable for walking nearby, you can also move back and forth at home, which can also achieve the effect of walking.Helps intestinal motility and exhaust.

In addition, there are several reasons for flatulence:

1. Eat too fast, or talk while eating.

2. Some foods themselves can easily cause flatulence, such as beans, wheat bran, apples, peaches, onions, cabbage, cereals, and sweet potatoes, potatoes and other potato foods.

3. Dairy food is also a food that can easily produce flatulence, or it causes flatulence due to the inability to absorb lactose in the body.Essence

4. Some gastrointestinal diseases such as bowel disease and gallbladder disease (maybe fat digestion) lead to flatulence.

Written to the big mothers who are waiting for unloading.

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