The changes and precautions of the mother and fetus at 28 weeks of pregnancy are collected!

From now on, you have entered the late pregnancy.There are more than two months old members who have joined your family. Are you very excited and looking forward to it?Your uterus has now reached the top of the navel, about 8 cm above the navel.If you combine from pubic bone to about 28 cm at the bottom of the uterus.The uterus grows rapidly, so you feel dull and difficult to breathe in your chest.Because the abdomen is heavy, if lying flat will make you feel breathless, it is best to lie on the side.

Because the baby is almost full of the entire uterus, his activities are getting less and less, so you will feel that the fetal movement is much reduced than the past.The baby is still trying to practice doing a similar breathing exercise.By this week, the baby’s eyelashes have grown completely.His fat layer continues to accumulate, and the fat in his body accounts for about 2%-3%, preparing for the life outside the mother’s uterus after birth.

Mom’s change

At 28 weeks, pregnant women occasionally feel that the stomach is tight for a while. This is a fake contraction and does not have to be nervous.What you need to pay attention to is to avoid walking too far and not standing for too long.

If you have time, carefully record every regular fetal movement.Every time the fetal movement, the baby will make trouble in the mother’s belly, and sometimes Hou Bao will let himself turn over.Your belly looks uneven and interesting, is it?Enjoy it!The closer to childbirth, you will feel inconvenient and unwell.Participate in some delivery courses appropriately, learn more about related content, will be practical, and your mood will stretch.

Changes in the fetus

The 28 -week fetus is now about 26 cm high and weighs about 1200 grams. At this time, the baby is almost full of the entire uterus. As the space becomes smaller and smaller, the fetal movement is weakening.Although the fetal lobe has not been developed yet, if a premature birth will occur, the fetus can also breathe with the help of the equipment.

Week 28 Weekly Pregnant Women’s Nutrition Diet


The supplement to minerals in the third trimester is very important, especially calcium, iron, iodine, zinc, etc. If pregnant women lack minerals, anemia, leg cramps, easy sweating, awakening, etc.; Increased incidence of congenital diseases in fetuses.The intake of various trace elements should also be increased accordingly, and the appetite of pregnant women will increase. As long as it is prepared food, it will usually not affect the intake of various trace elements.In order to prevent edema, pregnant mothers can eat foods that are beneficial to water such as carp, catfish, and black beans to alleviate the symptoms of edema.

Precautions for 28 weeks of pregnancy

Precautions for late pregnancy

1. The third trimester will be close to the labor period, and you must insist on prenatal examination.28-36 weeks, check at least two weeks; after 36 weeks, it must be checked every week.Strengthen nutrition, ensure sleep, pay attention to hygiene, and move appropriately.Control salt intake, should not be overweight or squat labor, and should not take baths. It is forbidden to do the same room to avoid premature birth and early break.Learn to be self -care, can listen to fetal hearts, count fetuses, touch fetal position, measure the height of the uterus.

2. If the fetal movement is 12 hours and 20 times, the fetal heart is less than 120 times per script, more than 160 times or irregular exercise, and you should seek medical treatment immediately.In addition, if you have vaginal redness, swelling of the lower abdomen, frequent urination, 10 minutes of contractions 2-3 times (more than 30 seconds each time); vaginal flow or blood; lower limbs and even whole body edema, headache dazzling, vomiting, and blood pressure riseHigh; regular or irregular contractions 37 weeks ago; if the due date has exceeded 10 days, etc., you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

3. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, you should lie on the left when you sleep.If you lie flat, the swollen uterine compression the aorta and the lower cavity veins, especially the soft vein, can easily cause hypotension syndrome of the supine position, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the head, uncomfortable people and pale face.

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