The child is "shocked", is this going on?

RecentThe doctor introduced that this is obvious rapid eye movement sleep disorder. If the symptoms cannot be relieved for a long time, it may gradually develop into neurological diseases such as Parkinson in the later stage.

Some parents said in a message: When our children were sleeping when they were young, they were shocked, and when they grew up, they were gone.

Parents who have children should know that when children sleep, they often appear "shock and one": obviously looks like sleeping well, and suddenly the small hand raises up, and soon shrink back. Sometimestwitch.This is "shocking reflection".

This is because the baby’s brain development is not yet complete. The part of the brain controlled muscle movement during sleep is still local active, which will cause intermittent twitching.Surprising reflection often disappears within 3-5 months after the baby is born.If it does not disappear for a long time, parents should be vigilant and take the baby to see the pediatrician.

Another parents said in the message, why would they suddenly shake after falling asleep when the child was older?

In fact, not only children, many adults also have this phenomenon: When they are about to enter the dreamland, the body suddenly shakes like an electric shock, or involuntarily kicks, and then is awakened instantly!

This is a kind of sleeping muscle leaping, also known as "sleeping and twitching", that is, just after falling asleep, an unconscious muscle convulsion.However, this jitter generally does not affect sleep, turn over, and continue to sleep.

However, it should be noted that due to excessive labor, tension, stress, calcium deficiency, etc. can cause twitching.So without affecting the quality of sleep (such as insomnia, headache and dizziness), parents do not need to be too nervous.

Xiaobian found that as long as they talk about their children’s sleep, some parents are very anxious:

Is the child’s sleep cycle insufficient, will it affect him?Use the weekend to add sleep, can it be?


Today, let’s talk about "sleeping" together ↓↓

How long does it take to sleep at different ages?

We seem to have a question: How long does it take for a person to sleep?Some professional institutions recommend the sleep time of people in all ages::

Newborns from 200 to March: 14 ~ 17 hours

Babies from April to November: 12-15 hours

Children of 1-2 years old: 11 to 14 hours

3-5 years old preschool children: 10-13 hours

School-age children 6-13: 9 to 11 hours

Youth aged 14-17: 8-10 hours

Adult aged 18-64: 7-9 hours

Elderly over 65 years old: 7-8 hours

In fact, sleep time is enough, and sleep quality is also important.

Give parents 4 tricks, you can simply judge whether the child sleeps a good awareness:

◆ Falling asleep fell fast, within 30 minutes;

◆ I rarely wake up in the middle, or the time to wake up is very short, not more than 5 minutes;

◆ No bed in the morning;

◆ I am energetic during the day.

If these 4 are satisfied, don’t be tangled.

Several sleep misunderstandings need to understand


Wear a lot of or too thick for your children

The weather changes in spring, and it is cold and hot!Many parents are afraid that their children are cold, covering their children tightly, or putting on thicker pajamas.

But do you know?There is a symptom that often happens to children, called "Mongolian being syndrome"."Mongolian syndrome" can cause children to have hypoxia, high fever, sweat, dehydration, and even severe convulsions, coma, respiratory failure …

Some parents, especially individual elderly people, would rather sweat for their children, and they could not let him be cold, but at this time, the heat was more dangerous than cold!


Use weekend to make up for sleep

Every weekend, some older children will take the opportunity to "make up" and get up three times.This is not only refreshing, but his head is drowsy.

Some experts explain to us:

When sleep is irregular, the entire body of a person will enter a random state, low appetite, nausea, depression, or unable to concentrate.

Do not be in a sleepy state all day long. Sleep for more than 15 hours in a row can cause biological clock disorders, and it may make it difficult to fall asleep.

Therefore, it is not recommended to sleep until noon on weekends.The best way is to get up at the same time, eat breakfast, and then make up for it.


Close the doors and windows to sleep well

In fact, it is just the opposite of this. Keeping the air circulation can make children sleep well!

A study by the University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands shows that in a well -ventilated room, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is lower, which means that the depth of sleep, increased sleep efficiency, and reduced number of times.

Therefore, the air must be circulated!If you feel cold, leave a small seam for the window!


Soak your feet before going to bed

Although soaking feet before going to bed is good for adults, it is not suitable for children.If the child’s feet are not very cold, there is no need to soak his feet.

Because the body’s arches are gradually formed in childhood. At this time, if you often use hot water to soak your feet, the ligaments of the child’s foot will become relaxed, which is not conducive to the formation and maintenance of the arch.Essence

Parents can develop sleep plans

To customize the perfect sleep plan for children, we should fully consider the preparation before bedtime and the way to wake the child.

Prepare before going to bed

The book "Sleep Revolution" has such a point: Sleeping is not only sleeping on the bed, but also 90 minutes before and after falling asleep.The two 90 minutes before and after are an important part of reaching a high -quality sleep, but we are often ignored by us.

Therefore, it is important to make children have a good sleep.


Turn off electronic products

Before the child is about to fall asleep, don’t show him TV, mobile phone, tablet.The blue light of the electronic product screen will cause the cerebral cortex to be excited and difficult to fall asleep.


Control the light

Our biological clock work is based on the perception of light.In other words, when you fall asleep, when you adjust the light, you will unconsciously enter the stagnant state, and the brain and body will gradually enter the state of sleep.

If the child is afraid and dare not turn off the light to sleep, it is recommended to adjust the light in the room to warm yellow to provide him with a certain sense of security.After the child falls asleep, turn off the light.


Sort out the sleep status

You can make your child sort out his schoolbags before going to bed to avoid having trouble when going out the next day.

In addition, parents can let their children decide what shoes and clothes to wear the next day and place them aside.Avoid children’s trivial matters and affect the quality of sleep.

Let the children do everything before going to bed in advance, so that they can get into the bed with peace of mind.

In addition, some children are more sensitive to temperature and humidity, which requires parents to use auxiliary tools, such as air conditioners and humidifiers to help children fall asleep.

Some children are more sensitive to noise, which requires parents to reach consensus to help children create a quiet sleeping environment.Or you can play some soothing light music and piano songs to your children before going to bed.

Wake -up method

Faced with children who do not want to get up, parents should never call their children to get up like this:

The above ways of wake -up are "lethal wake".The short -term seems effective, but the long -term harm is very great.

Any fierce cutting sleep process (cutting the starting process of the brain in a wake -up method, let people immediately restore consciousness), use too much sound, or uninterrupted noise, touch the other person’s body, deprive sleep security, etc.It is the "lethal wake" method.

This rough way will have a terrible impact on children.

Studies have found that when the child is sober in a very short time, he is responsible for thinking and self -control’s cerebral cortex area. Because he suddenly enters the work state, it is easy to form a misjudgment.We often say "getting up".

Frequent "kill -type wake", children will have the following phenomena:

Parents can use the following ways to awaken their children:


Light awakening children

If your home has a light -adjustable table lamp, parents can gradually turn on the platform lights, and the light will wake you up for you.

Because humans were awakened by light from ancient times.The light will wake up the visual system, pass the signal to the subconscious, and wake up the brain, and start the limbs. This is the most natural way to wake up.

If there is no such table lamp at home, the curtains are slowly opened, which is also effective.


Wake up to wake up children

For those who sleep deeply and not easy to wake up, you can use this method.

But don’t be gentle and gentle.In addition, the order of stroking should start with your hands, and then go to the small arm, upper arm, cheeks … if the quilt is covered thickly, it will touch the hand or small arm across the quilt.

When the child moves slowly and opened his eyes, he smiled and stared at him, saying "Get up!" It should be noted that your hand is best for warm and soft, and the cold and stiff hands will have a negative effect.


Music or story wake up children

Parents can choose some soothing music and convey the signal through the auditory system to the child’s brain, calling the child to wake up.

If there are some special environmental sounds, such as a few crispy birds, small streams, etc. are also good.


Wake the child in advance

Tell your child the night before that you will wake him up tomorrow morning and let the child have a psychological preparation in advance.If your child is accustomed to call it from you, you don’t need to remind you.

But if time changes, parents are better to say: "I will call you for half an hour tomorrow!"

Parents need to pay attention to that many health experts suggest that when people get up, it is best to lie open for ten minutes first, and then sit up to help health.Therefore, parents do not have to deliberately ask their children to get up at the moment you issue instructions!

From: Capital Education

Source: Health Beijing

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