The common sense of pregnant women must know

1. Do the following points in normal life

1. Mental mentality should be positive.Pregnant women should maintain a happy mood in their daily life.It is a normal physiological response to all discomfort caused by pregnancy. Psychological persistence must be persisted to avoid emergencies due to excessive anxiety of emotions.

2. Have a good living habit.In daily life, some habits are very different from before pregnancy.Do not wear high heels on clothes to avoid sliding accidents.The clothes should be loose and suitable. To avoid crowded crowds in the later pregnancy and prevent crowding.It is important that there is the habit of smoking and drinking before pregnancy. After pregnancy, you must quit smoking and quit alcohol to prevent these smoke and alcohol from hurting the baby.

3. Nutrition should be uniform.The nutrition of pregnant women and fetuses depends on the matching of diet. Pregnant women should ensure reasonable vegetarian matching, do not picky eaters, and do not irritable.

4. Do not use medicine during pregnancy.For women who are pregnant, some drugs are not used properly, which will affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.Pregnant women have a disease and cannot buy medicine by themselves. They need to go to the hospital for a proper examination to understand the cause of the disease. They are used to treat the disease and treat the disease under the premise of safety.

5. Resting during pregnancy should be regular. Try to go to bed early and get up early every day. Only sufficient sleep can enhance resistance, maintain endocrine stability, and help pregnant women and fetuses’ health.

2. There must be skills to sit, walk, and lie in pregnant women

1. When pregnant women are pregnant, sit back with a chair with back, and do not sit in a chair without back.Sit in the middle of a chair while sitting, do not sit by the chair, avoid accidents because the chair is not sitting well.

2. When pregnant women are pregnant, they are different from walking before pregnancy.To keep your body balance, you must wear flat shoes after pregnancy. When walking, you must walk to stabilize your feet to prevent it from slipping.

3. When the pregnant woman is lying down, when I get up, first turn her body to one side, and support the weight of the upper body with the elbow.Sitting up and straightening his back with both hands, and finally put your feet on the ground and stood up.Don’t stand up like before you are pregnant.


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