The confinement meal made by Sister Jiangxi, the daughter -in -law hurriedly ate two, and I left. Netizens: I can’t eat it if I change it.


Sister Wang, Jiangxi, was married last year. In May this year, a cute female baby was born. Although she was not a baby, the family was still very happy.

Sister Wang lived in a small county. Before that, his son met his current wife when he was working in Guangdong. After his wife was pregnant, Sister Wang’s son returned to work in his hometown in his hometown in Jiangxi.

Sister Wang is a diligent person. She knows that her daughter -in -law is from Zhanjiang, Guangdong. She is not very spicy. The meals at home do not put chili as much as possible, but the daughter -in -law does not seem to like to eat the food made by Sister Wang.

In the evening, Sister Wang had a confinement meal for her daughter -in -law again. She was so frivolous, but her daughter -in -law hurriedly ate two and threw her chopsticks and left. Sister Wang didn’t know where the problem appeared?

So I sent a circle of friends for help, which attracted the heated discussion among netizens. Many netizens saw the confinement meal made by Sister Wang: "Is this too simple? I can’t eat it!"

Some netizens said different opinions: "This meal is obviously good. The daughter -in -law may not be used to cooking. You may be too salty to cook. Cantonese people like to eat a light taste. Jiangxi cuisine is spicy and salty. It is estimated that she is not used to eating."

What dishes do Sister Wang made for daughter -in -law for daughter -in -law?Let’s take a look together.

The confinement meal is naturally indispensable to drink soup. During the confinement, I drank too much soup and had a lot of milk. Sister Wang also knew this. Every meal prepared a bowl of soup for her daughter -in -law.

This time I prepared the corn tube bone soup, and the family did not like to drink soup, so Sister Wang only prepared a small bowl of corn bone soup for her daughter -in -law, but the daughter -in -law did not eat it after tasting two sips.

This is the puzzlement of Sister Wang. Sister Wang asked her daughter -in -law in a less fluent Mandarin. The daughter -in -law just said that she didn’t like the soup. After the daughter -in -law left, Sister Wang tasted and found that the soup was too salty.There are too many salt, no wonder she doesn’t like to eat.

The second dish is chili fried meat. This dish is actually not for daughter -in -law. It is for the whole family to eat. Jiangxi people love to eat chili, and they ca n’t eat without chili.

Cut the green peppers into slices, put it in the pot and stir -fry the pork. The fried peppers are also green green, so it is spicy enough, and it tastes refreshing.

But the daughter -in -law saw this dish, but she shook her head straight, dared not taste, and did not taste the desire. Even pork didn’t want to eat it.

The third dish is stir -fried Chinese cabbage. The Chinese cabbage is a vegetable that daughter -in -law usually loves to eat, but after finishing the pot after stir -fry the pepper, I put the Chinese cabbage directly into the pot and stir -fry.

In this way, the fried Chinese cabbage has a trace of spicy taste. When the daughter -in -law saw some dried pepper and chili seeds in the cabbage, she suddenly lost her appetite.

The fourth dish is the four seasons of bean fried meat. This dish is also very popular in Jiangxi people, especially in summer. It is one of the ingredients that people prefer.

Sister Wang cut the four seasons of beans into slices, then put a little oil in the pot, stir -fry the flavor, and then stir -fry the four seasons of beans in the pot. When fried, a little chopped green pepper is often added.The taste is better.

However, the daughter -in -law picked up the chopsticks and pinched a piece of beans to eat, but it felt a bit spicy and salty. It was completely different from her previous practice in his hometown in Guangdong.

The daughter -in -law does not like to eat rice. It is said that because the rice is high in calories. Now she has just given birth to a child and has a fat body. The daughter -in -law wants to lose weight, so Sister Wang cooks noodles and gives her a staple food.

When Sister Wang cooks noodles, put a little minced pork in, so that the noodles you cook may taste better. After all, young people love to eat meat, but the daughter -in -law is not used to eating noodles.When I added a lot of soy sauce, I went to taste a bit of appetite.

After reading the comments from netizens, Sister Wang found that when she had a confinement meal, she unknowingly made cooking according to the old method.

For example, Sister Wang likes to put some octagonal soy sauce in the soup, but in fact, Cantonese who have a light taste will not do so when making soup, so the daughter -in -law may not be used to it.

In fact, the most important thing for my mother -in -law to get along is communication. If you have any things, you can communicate in time, understand and respect each other. You can also propose it in person in person that you do n’t like to eat. In this way, you will be more happy to live together.

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