The consequences of calcium deficiency in cows are serious!I do n’t make money at the end of the lame and miscarriage, teach you a few tricks to cure cows and lack calcium

Is cow lack of calcium? Is it a trivial matter?wrong!

The cows cannot stand up, can not walk roads, clamor and other diseases. They can often be encountered during breeding, especially after calves, and most of them are caused by calcium deficiency.

In fact, there are many ways to perform calcium deficiency in cows. Some cattle have the phenomenon of eating soil, stones, and manure. The digestion gradually deteriorates, causing traumatic gastritis.Performance;

Some people with cattle will appear. The sick cattle are unstable, the hind limbs are rigid, and the movement is not flexible.In severe cases, the limbs will occur at the same time, the sick cow is difficult, and it will eventually become paralyzed.

Calcium deficiency mainly affects the state of the bone, and the degree of calcium deficiency determines the serious situation of the diseased cattle.Some cows will have symptoms such as joint deformation, pelvic deformation, tail vertebral displacement, and bone loosening. They are often accompanied by complications such as falling, lumbar joint sprains, and Achilles tendon falling.Can’t afford to lie for a long time will cause bedsores, sepsis, and stomach stomach.

For estrus cows, there will be adverse effects such as lack of emotion, irregular estrus, ovarian atrophy, ovarian cysts, decreased tire rates, and abortion.For cows that are about to be produced, they will also cause the consequences of dystocia, facial clothes, and uterine prolapse.

How common is cow lack of calcium?A small cattle farm found 5 clamor cows, which contains 1 severe clamor, which must be forced to hold it up to stand up.And 3 of these 5 heads are the late lactation cows and 2 heads are pregnant cows; another example is a farm in the town. There are 3 heads of clamor and cow.The symptoms of habit licking dirt and stones, but because of breastfeeding, dare not take medicine.

From this point of view, during the pregnancy and late production, because a large amount of nutrients require insufficient nutritional supplement, calcium deficiency is prone to occur.However, in order not to harm the calf, the farmers did not dare to take medicine during this period. At this time, prevention played a great role.So, how do we prevent cow lack of calcium?

In order to prevent cows from lack of calcium, we must adjust the structure of the diet.If the diet is mainly straw and corn, it is easy to deficiency in calcium, because corn and straw contain less calcium and more phosphorus.The proportion of calcium and phosphorus in the feed can be controlled at 2.5: 1, and high calcium substances such as stone powder, shell powder, and egg shell powder are added.

You can also let the cows drink some milk every day, or go directly to the veterinary drug store to buy calcium tablets, and take the cow to supplement calcium.

It is important to prevent calcium deficiency, but often farmers do not pay attention to this, causing cows to cause bone and joint changes in cows.How do we treat at this time?

In fact, the focus of various types of diseases caused by calcium deficiency is to supplement calcium elements and vitamin D. For slight symptoms, you can place licking bricks in the bull house and replenish trace elements in real time.For the cows with severe condition, we can::

1. Intravenous injection of 10%sodium chloride solution 200 ~ 300ml, once the next day, 7 to 10 days is a course of treatment.

2. Intravenous injection of 5%glucose chloride 300-400ml, once the next day.

3. Muscle injection of vitamin D glue calcium 10ml, once a day.

4. Eastern calcium, calcium carbonate, Nanjing stone powder.

In fact, we all know that calcium is good, but don’t overdo it!Because excessive calcium elements can cause zinc in the cow body, the skin becomes thicker in the skin, nose nose, anus, etc.Excessive phosphorus can cause the swollen ovaries of the cow, leading to prolonging the breeding period and decreased by the tire rate.

Therefore, the best way is to do a good job of daily breeding management, ensure the intake of calcium elements in the feed, and timely cure calcium -deficient sick cows.

Well, the influence of cow lack of calcium deficiency and prevention and control methods are shared here. If you have any questions, you can discuss below the comment. I wish you all a good breeding!

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