The daughter -in -law is pregnant, can I drive?

After pregnancy, both you and your family are all kinds of careful instructions.And the expectant mothers who drive were more told.Let’s take a look today, can expectant mothers drive?What do you need to pay attention to if you drive?

Can expectant mothers drive by themselves?

In fact, the impact of pregnant women’s driving on pregnant women and fetuses is not great, but because of the high concentration of attention when driving, and the physiological reactions that may be encountered on the road and the physiological reactions during pregnancy, it will bring some bad effects on the expectant mothers and babiesIn principle, it is still disapproval of expectant mothers to drive.

In addition, maintaining a sitting posture for a long time will affect the blood circulation of the lower body of pregnant women, especially after 7 months, so try to choose the prospective dad to pick up or take a taxi.

However, everything is special, and many expectant mothers still drive to get off work or do work. At the end, the doll is still safe and healthy.Well, so if you ca n’t get a car or the prospective dad, what should you pay attention to when you drive?


Try not to drive a new car

Among the newly purchased cars, whether it is leather or chemical solvents, the smell is very heavy, and the air pollution is serious, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and abdomen.

It is recommended to open the windows and doors before driving a new car for ventilation to release a part of the odor.It is already sensitive during pregnancy. If you smell the unpleasant smell, the taste is uncomfortable.


The temperature of the air conditioner should not be too low

The air conditioner in the car is the best at 26 ° C. It is best not to adjust the temperature to below 26 ° C when driving. In the case of the weather is not particularly hot, it is recommended to turn off the air conditioner and open the car window to blow the natural air.

Otherwise, too low temperature may cause physical discomfort.


The seat belt should be tied to

The expectant mothers are worried that the seat belt will get the stomach and compress the fetus regardless of whether they drive or drive.In fact, pregnant women should tie a seat belt more than ordinary people, because the car is inevitable to bump or brake suddenly during driving. If the pregnant woman accidentally hit or scratch, it will be more dangerous than ordinary people.

The correct method of pregnant women’s seat belts is: the shoulder straps of the seat belt are placed in the scapula, not close to the neck; the shoulder strap part should be passed through the center of the chest, and the belt should be placed under the abdomen.abdomen.


Don’t put perfume in the car

Perfume is a liquid mixed with aroma oil, fixed agent, alcohol, and ethyl acetate.From the perspective of perfume composition, the alcohol and lemon contained in the perfume may decompose harmful substances under the sun, so that sensitive skin burns, long rash, and inflammation.

In addition, the chemical composition of perfume can also have a effect on the fetus through the blood, which may affect the memory of the fetus. Its musk or essential oil may not be good for the fetus.


Avoid high -heeled shoes

Women’s driving is the most taboo to wear inappropriate shoes, such as slippers, high heels, etc., it is best to wear sneakers or cloth shoes.

Pregnant women should pay more attention to this problem. When pregnant, edema may occur, and inappropriate shoes such as high heels are put on high heels. One is uncomfortable. The other is that when they encounter an emergencyThe brakes are stepped on to the end.


Keep the correct driving posture

Many pregnant women have a habit of leaning forward when driving, which is easy to cause abdominal pressure and compress the uterus, especially in the early stages of pregnancy and 7 or 8 months of pregnancy, which may cause abortion or premature birth.Driving during pregnancy, it is best to lean on the back of the chair to let it support the body, which is beneficial to slowing fatigue.


It should not be placed above the instrument panel

Many people like to place items such as perfume bottles, paper towel boxes, keys and other items on the instrument tray in front of the car. These items can easily cause damage to the people sitting in the front row under the case.For example, it is even more dangerous for pregnant women to be cut and injured by crushed perfume bottles, and it is even more dangerous for pregnant women, so trying to place items on the dashboard as little as possible.


Don’t be angry when you drive

Modern people’s life is fast and stressful. "Road anger" can be said to be very common. For pregnant women, sustainable and excessive negative emotions are not good for the fetus. The first three months of pregnancy may cause fetal malformations.In the middle and late pregnancy, some aspects of the fetus’s future personality may be affected.

If it is not a continuous and excessive problem, but for the health of the baby, pregnant women should try to pay attention to their emotions, and do not affect the healthy development of the fetus.In short, it is the most important drip to maintain a good mood regardless of whether it is pregnancy or not.


Novice pregnant women do not drive

Novice driving is not highly proficient, it is easy to danger, coupled with high mental tension, and bad fetal fetus.


It is not advisable to drive for a long time

If the pregnant woman is sitting in the same posture for a long time, it may not only swelling the lower limbs, but also may cause abdominal pain and low back pain, but also easily shrink.


Avoid driving too fast and too fierce

The rhythm of driving is too violent and the operating range is too large. It is also necessary for pregnant women to avoid.For example, do not make urgent braking, emergency turning to such violent actions, and huge collision power can easily hurt yourself and the fetus.Therefore, maintaining a safe speed is very necessary for pregnant women.

After reading so much, in fact, it is still the same sentence. If you can do n’t open it, do n’t open it for the safety of yourself and your child.

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