The diarrhea of the "fresh fruit garden" cake for 8 months of pregnancy is 8 months of pregnancy.

Mengye News · Oriental Journal reporter Li Wei/Wen Tu

Ms. Li, a citizen of Wujiagang, Yichang City, Hubei, has been pregnant for 8 months. On January 7, she purchased some cakes in a fresh fruit garden shop, and she had physical discomfort after eating.Ms. Li’s husband checked the cake and found that the cakes bought by his wife in Xianchaoyuan had expired for 21 days.On January 14, a reporter from Mengye News · Oriental Newspaper contacted the party’s husband, Mr. Wen, who told the reporter about the matter.

Pregnant women have more diarrhea after eating cake

At more than 6 pm on January 7th, Ms. Li bought more than 10 bulk cakes in the east No. 2 store of Fresh Guoyuan Zhongnan Road, which often purchased fruits and foods.

"Because I often spend there, and when the parking is inconvenient at the time, I left after buying, and I didn’t look at the date on the cake."

At more than 10 o’clock that night, Ms. Li felt a little hungry, so she took out the cake purchased in the fresh orchard in the afternoon.

Unexpectedly, after eating the cake, she began to be diarrhea in the middle of the night.The next day, Ms. Li’s husband felt wrong, so he asked Ms. Li what did she eat?Ms. Li thought about it, and ate a few pieces of cakes the night before.

Ms. Li’s husband quickly took out the cake to check it, and then found that the cake had expired for 21 days.

On the afternoon of January 8th, Ms. Li and her husband came to Xianchaoyuan together and went to the hospital to check with the owner of the shop.The results of the blood test showed that some values were significantly higher than the normal value. The doctor prescribed probiotics and anti -diarrhea medicines.

Mr. Wen said that the doctor said that because the uterus was close to the stomach, he was afraid that frequent diarrhea would lead to contraction, and then caused a premature birth of the fetus. Ms. Li went home to observe the fetal movement.

During this period, Ms. Li’s husband had been taking care of his wife, for fear that there would be no one around Ms. Li.

The cake has expired for 21 days

On January 14, the reporter saw from the expired cake provided by Ms. Li that the cake was named: Ranli’s original cake. The production date was October 18, 2020, and the shelf life was 60 days.In other words, the cake will reach the shelf life on December 17.

The consumption record shown by Ms. Li shows that the time for buying this cake is January 7, at this time, the cake has expired for 21 days.

"As a" fruit powder "for many years, I never expected that there will be expired food in Xianluyuan store, and it is never expected that the way they deal with the problem to deal with the problem are so difficult to accept."

The reporter learned from Ms. Li’s husband that after the incident, the owner of the Xianguoying Store involved in the incident had proposed to solve the problem for Ms. Li 200 yuan.Ms. Li and her family were unacceptable and directly complained about the matter to Xianchaoyuan headquarters.

At 5:30 pm on January 12th, the person in charge of Xianchaoyuan headquarters found Ms. Li and her family members with the person in charge of the store involved, and sent a box of cherry, a cantaloupe, a box of strawberries, and a box of millenniums.Fruit, a bag of sugar orange and 500 yuan cash.

Ms. Li and her husband did not accept it, and then sent all the fruits and cash back to the business store and was sent to the store cashier.

"During the whole process of talking to us, my husband and I did not feel their apology attitude, and realized the seriousness of this matter."

"My wife stopped diarrhea on the 13th, and her body was very weak." The request of Mr. Wen and his wife was that Xianchao Garden had to apologize publicly and faced consumers bravely. Secondly, he took Ms. Li to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

It has the right to request merchants to bear all economic losses

Article 49 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that if an operator provides goods or services to cause personal injury of consumers, the medical expenses, nursing expenses, and transportation expenses shall be compensatedAnd revenue due to miscalculation.If the disability is caused, the auxiliary of the disabled life shall also be compensated to the cost of disability and compensation for disability.Those who cause death shall also compensate the funeral expenses and death compensation.

Article 56 stipulates that if the operator’s sales of failure and deterioration, in addition to the corresponding civil liability, other relevant laws and regulations shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the punishment agencies and punishment.If the regulations are not stipulated, the industrial and commercial administrative department or other relevant administrative departments shall be ordered to make corrections. It may be punished according to the circumstances of the plot or in a warning, confiscation of illegal income, or more than ten times more than ten times the illegal obtained.If a fine of less than 500,000 yuan is imposed; if the circumstances are serious, the business license shall be ordered to suspend business and revoke the business license.

On the morning of January 15th, the reporter first contacted the person in charge of Dongchen 2, Zhongnan Road, Xianchaoyuan, who sold the expired cake. The person in charge of the store said: "No time, no time." Hang the phone directly.

Later, the reporter contacted the person in charge of Wang Wang, the headquarters of Xianchaoyuan, Yichang City, Yichang City, Hubei.clear.

However, when the reporter mentioned that the person in charge and the person in charge of the store involved had already found Ms. Li together, the person in charge said that the company had handed it over to the lawyer to operate, whether it was from humanitarianism and what it should do."We have all fulfilled the responsibilities that should be fulfilled."

Attorney Zhang Shaochun, director of Henan Chunyi Law Firm, believes that according to Article 7 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, consumers enjoy the right of people’s body and property security without damage when purchasing, using goods and receiving services.

If pregnant women are damaged due to the expiration of the cakes of eating, they have the right to require merchants to bear all economic losses; the two parties can negotiate and resolve, negotiate, and can directly prosecute.

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