The doctor analyzed you 5 abortion methods. After reading it, the girl should protect themselves.

With the progress of society, most people start paying attention to their own health, and female friends also start learning to protect themselves, such as doing good work in sexual life, which can reduce the chance of accidental pregnancy and avoid abortion due to artificial abortion.Causes damage to physical health.However, some women cannot protect themselves well, and they will be pregnant because of negligence or accident. At this time, the abortion is put on the agenda. The way of abortion can usually be divided into 5 types.Protection for yourself.

1. Drug abortion

Divine abortion is a commonly used abortion method, and the complete abortion rate of termination of pregnancy can reach 90%. Various methods are more suitable for women with not long pregnancy cycles. Usually, two drugs: meterone and macoolitone are usually used.But not all women can choose this kind of abortion, such as drug allergies, allergies, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, glaucoma, and asthma diseases.

2. induction of labor

Induction of labor is also a common way of miscarriage. For women in large moon, labor is usually used through drug injection.Pay the piercing pest of the induction of labor and pierce the amniotic fluid cavity, then remove the amniotic fluid, and then inject the drug to implement the induction of labor to achieve the purpose of terminating pregnancy.But patients with drug allergies, central placenta or acute reproductive tract inflammation cannot be carried out.In addition, within 24 hours before surgery, at least two body temperature exceeds 37 degrees 5, it is not recommended to perform surgery.

3. Negative pressure attraction

This abortion method is absorbed from the female’s uterine cavity through the principle of negative pressure attraction.Women who are within 10 weeks of pregnancy can terminate pregnancy through medication or negative pressure. Once more than 10 weeks, they need to be aborted by fetal pliers with negative pressure.This method is cruel, stir up the fetus completely, and then take it out of the uterine cavity.

4. Destruction

This abortion surgery is relatively cruel, mostly suitable for women who have difficulty giving birth during labor.This surgery will perform destructive surgery on the fetus to achieve the purpose of narrowing the volume of the fetus and reducing the damage to the mother.The method of surgery includes craniotomy, chopped organs, clavicle cutting, etc., which is particularly cruel to the fetal fetus.

5, cesarean section

This method will directly cut off women’s orientation, and then take out the fetus. Most of them are suitable for the failure of the outlets in the large month or excessive bleeding during the induction of labor, or when other complications occur.If there is a risk of uterine rupture, a cesarean section will be performed under the premise of uterine arterial intervention embolism.If major bleeding occurs during induction, you need to pass the cesarean section after uterine embolism.

Kind tips

No matter which abortion surgery is adopted, there is certain risks, such as the loss of drugs, the failure of the induction of labor, the uterine rupture, the perforation of the uterine, the internal residue of the uterine cavity, the amniotic fluid embolism, and so on.In addition, some abortion surgery is particularly cruel, such as clamp scraping, intrauterine destruction, etc., which will allow women to bear a heavy psychological burden.Therefore, female friends must do a good job of contraceptive work, can perform contraception through oral contraceptives, or contraceptives through the contraceptive ring. If there is no fertility requirement, you can perform ligation surgery.

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