The dog’s latest age conversion table is here, how old is your dog?

Many people do n’t know how the dogs are converted into human age. The following editors are serving the latest age conversion table of dogs to see how old your dogs are!

The age of dogs is different depending on large, medium and small dogs, because small dogs and medium dogs will be more precocious.Then, the dogs of the dogs need to feed differently, so that the dog’s growth needs are met, and some breeding strategies are provided below:

Personality characteristics: strong appetite, lively and active, full of curiosity

Reminder: The first deworming can be carried out for about 42 days. Before half a year old, the dog was repeatedly deworming once a month in the body and outside the body. After half a year, the in vitro was repeatedly deworming once a month and the body was deworming once every three months.

Vaccine: Generally, the vaccine is carried out after driving the insects. A total of 3 stitches are vaccinated, each needle for 21 days, and the last 3 stitches are completed.

Feeding: The gastrointestinal digestion of puppies is weak. It is best to drink breast milk when you are born. You can feed sheep milk powder without breast milk.Food, eat dry food.

Personality: Naughty, like playing, running around, very sticky, often disassembled home

Dogs during this period are a critical period for forming a good personality. Pets mainly educate it. When they grow up, they will be obedient and obedient. When training dogs, you can use snacks as rewards. Dogs will be more obedient.Essence

Development: This is the critical period of dog growth and development. Dogs at this stage are equivalent to human teenagers. At this time, they will also change teeth and bone development.superior.

In estrus: Dogs generally start estrus in 6 months, which means that during the stage of sexual maturity, dogs will have the desire to mate, but the first estrus bitch should not be pregnant.You can also take a dog to sterilize.

Feeding: Feed dry dog food, and prepare some grinding snacks at the same time (the teeth are particularly itchy), and add some supplementary food appropriately.

Personality: Although dogs are still naughty, they will become obedient, and they are still very active and like to be sticky.

Training: You can continuously increase training, such as training handshake, sitting down, etc., helping to cultivate the good obedience of dogs.

Feeding: Feeding into dog food, regular feeding, and recommended a nutritious dog food as the main food, which can meet the nutritional needs of dogs.

Personality: Personality becomes stable and quiet. Most of the time, they are accompanied by the owner, and they rarely make trouble.

Feeding: Properly add some nutritional products, or feed into dog food, regularly fed them regularly.

Health: To interact with dogs more, increase its exercise, prevent overweight, it is best to conduct a medical examination once a year.

Personality: Quiet, lethargy, unwilling to move, lying on your stomach all day, very Buddha.

Feeding: Replacement of elderly dog food, because the teeth fall off and the digestive system weakens, dogs are easy to constipation, it is best to replace some digestive foods for dogs.In addition, the nutritional loss of elderly dogs is serious, and the diet must also provide it with rich and balanced.

Health: Pay attention to oral cleaning and regular physical examination. You can take more dogs for walking and do not do strenuous exercise.

Conclusion: How old is your dog this year?

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