The embryo baby is "hopping"!Talk about bed bleeding

When you are about to come to the aunt, there is a bit bleeding below?

Is this a precursor to the aunt, or is it another question?

In fact, it may be your bed blood!

In the growth process of the fertilized eggs on the wall of the uterine wall, bed bleeding occurs.In fact, this is the normal phenomenon of pregnancy, but many people don’t know why.Some women may confuse bleeding with the early menstrual bleeding, because the two look very similar -very little bleeding, usually no medical care is required.

What is implanted bleeding

Plant bleeding occurs before the expected menstrual cycle.This is a very early signs of pregnancy. The implantation process begins with fertilization. After the sperm is fertilized, it is called embryo.The embryo reaches the uterus through the fallopian tube.During this period, the embryo was split and became a blastocyst.

After the blastocyst reaches the uterus, it will find a suitable position to attach itself to the uterine wall.This attachment of the uterus is called implanted.After the implantation is completed, the embryo will be retained in the same position during the new life of the whole nine months.

The embryo is usually implanted about 1 to 2 weeks after the egg is fertilized, which is about a week after ovulation.

Signs and symptoms

Bed bleeding is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that can be easily recognized.There are some obvious signs and symptoms that can help women identify implant bleeding:

Early bleeding: Incant bleeding usually occurs a few days before the expected menstrual cycle.However, the situation is not always the case. Many women confuse the two.

Abnormal color secretions: Plant bleeding can produce abnormal secretions, and its color ranges from pink to very dark brown or black.

Bleeding is rarely: bleeding and bleeding caused by implantation usually do not exceed 48 hours.Many women have only a few hours of spots, or a spots or stripes.

Spasm: implantation can also cause mild and temporary spasm.

Other signs

Because implantation is a sign of early pregnancy, women may experience other symptoms related to pregnancy.Signs of early pregnancy may vary from person to person, which may include:

Before the menstrual cycle, implanted bleeding mood fluctuates fatigue, dizziness, dizziness, headache, breast softening, swelling nausea and vomiting constipation, enhance the desire and disgust of food

Plant bleeding is a normal phenomenon of pregnancy and is usually not dangerous.Therefore, no treatment is required, and bleeding causes bleeding usually disappears within a few days without treatment.Abnormal bleeding may be a sign of menstrual or pregnancy complications.Doctors recommend women not to use cotton strips during this time.

Do you have bed bleeding?

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