The emoji of a man’s pregnancy was confirmed, and it has been officially approved. Later this year on the smartphone; peeking at the face, crooked face, and compared to the heart.

In the new EMOJI emoji, newly pregnant men and neutral dresses.

"Pregnant men" and "neutral dresses of pregnancy" have been confirmed that they will log in to smartphones later this year, along with a series of new emoji.

Uniform Unicode Consortium is a central bank with recognized emoticons. It has officially signed a list of candidates for the 14.0 version of the emoji.

Emojipedia is one of the voting members of the Unified Code Alliance. They revealed that these two expression symbols represent "some transgender men and non -binary gender people may be pregnant."

Emojipedia said that men are pregnant in real life and novels, just like Schwarzenegger in the 1994 movie "Devil II".

Schwarzenegger played a pregnant man in the 1994 comedy film "Devil II".

In 2017, the British Medical Association released a guide to "Pregnant Person" instead of "Pregnant Woman" to try to acknowledge the transgender and non -binary gender. At that time, it was called "insult to women".Essence

Now, users with emoji have shared their dissatisfaction with the new "gender tolerance" emoji on Twitter.

Netizen @doggerinos said: "How many people want a pregnant woman’s emoji? I guess you can count one hand."

"I don’t want to hate people like transients. I just want to know who will use that expression?!"

Some people also expressed support.@pibesson said that there is no expression of a pregnant man, which is the "major negligence" of the Unicode Alliance.

Emojipedia’s "Premium Emoticon Dictionary Code" Jane Jane Simon Solomon outlines these new emoji in a blog post entitled "Why is there a pregnant man emoji symbol?"

She said: "New pregnancy emoji may be used by transgender men, non -binary gender or short -haired women. Of course, these emoticons are not limited to these groups. Men may also be pregnant. This is suitable for the real world.(Such as a transgender person) and the fictional world (such as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1994 film "Devil II").

"Any gender can get pregnant. Now there are emoticons to express this."

Solomon also said that these two new emoticons can be used to "show the" food baby ‘in a half -joking way ", that is, after eating a big meal, the belly is very full.

EMOJIPEDIA released a suggestion as early as 2019 to add "pregnant men" and "pregnant neutralists" to the Unicode library.The company said in the proposal at the time: "If the design of the emoji is asleat as possible, then it should be more vaguely expressing the gender. A person’s gender cannot determine that they take care of their children at home or work in the market to work in the market.ability."

Before the World Emoticon Day (July 17), Emojipedia introduced in detail all the 37 newly added emoji in version 14.0.

In addition to the "pregnant man" and "pregnancy neutral dresses", the new version 14.0 also includes new variants of unique round yellow faces -melting face, tribute to face, dotted face, and face to hold tears.

The new version of the emoji also includes melting face, tribute to face, dotted face, and face to hold back tears.

The list also includes a motorcycle tire, a slide, a Disco ball, a giant with a stick, and a battery of coral, kidney beans and a lack of electricity.

Companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft applied the design style of the alliance to their own operating systems.The release date of the emoji on different operating systems has not been determined, but they may appear on all platforms before June 2022, and preliminary support for some platforms later this year.

EMOJI14.0 version adds new expressions

14.0 version: 37 new expressions

· Metroman face

· The eyes are open, covering your mouth with your hands

· Cover your eyes to peek


· The face of the dotted line

· Crooked face

· Hold back the tears

· Right hand

· Hand to the left

· Palm downward

· Palm upward

· Hand with cross -finger index finger (more heart)

· Pointing to the audience’s hand

· Bi Cheng’s heart -shaped hands

· Dai Crown

· Pregnant man

· The neutral person of pregnancy

· Bite your lips

· Giant Devil



·Empty Nest

· Egg nest

· Kidmade

· Pour out the liquid

·earthen jar

· Playground slide


· Swimming ring


· Reflection ball

· The battery power is too low

· Walking bracket

X -rays


·ID card

· Reactions


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