The fetal brain development has three critical periods. In order to give birth to a smart baby, don’t miss the pregnant mother

After women are pregnant, the first thing to worry about is whether the baby’s development is healthy, and for the greatest extent to ensure this situation, pregnant women must go to the hospital regularly for a check -up.

The second is to grasp the key period of the baby’s development, especially the key period of the baby’s brain development, so that after the baby is born, it is not only healthy, but also smarter.During the 10 months of pregnancy, these 3 time periods during pregnancy are the peak of the fetal brain development. Pregnant mothers must keep up with nutrition!

The fetal brain development has three critical periods. In order to give birth to a smart baby, the pregnant mother does not miss the 0-8 weeks of pregnancy.The fertilized eggs develop into embryos, and the embryo will gradually differentiate into a fetus by about the second month of pregnancy.After differentiation into a fetus, the head of the fetus will have the largest head, which will almost occupy about 1/2 of the entire body, and during the period of 0-8 weeks, it is a preliminary period of his brain tissue.Be well.

The visual and auditory nerves are also developing rapidly.At this time, pregnant mothers must pay attention to supplementing nutrition, especially to eat more foods, such as walnuts, black sesame seeds, etc., pay attention to more DHA in intake, which will be better for fetal development.

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the active period of fetal brain: at this time, it is also the seventh month of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers generally find that the growth rate of the belly is getting faster and faster, which shows that the fetal development has entered a rise inThe stage of rapid development.Especially around the 30th week of pregnancy, it is the stage of preliminary development of fetal discipline and perception, and after entering the 8th month of pregnancy, the fetal brain has the function of dreaming.

In the critical period of fetal brain development, pregnant mothers must pay attention to nutrition, and the baby will be smarter after birth.In this regard, if you have other supplements, you can leave a message in the comment area below.

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