The fetal development of the 7th week of pregnancy, the symptoms of pregnancy and the symptoms of pregnancy and the need for precautions


1. Physical change

Being a slap was discovered by the boss

This week or earlier, you have begun to feel tired and weak. You need to struggle with a little bit in the morning. Sitting at the position at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, secretly beating. As a result, the boss comes! If you occasionally cover it,I ran out of my mouth several times, and it is estimated that he had guessing seven or eight 88. It was time to consider how to speak to the boss. Gels in advance to make the boss fully prepare.Give you a holiday.

2. Emotional changes

Listen to music or talk more with friends, eat more if you can eat

This week, your response may be greater. Sometimes stomach discomfort, no appetite to eat, but it is easy to be hungry, or because you are annoying because you frequently go to the toilet.Your emotional fluctuations may be very large, but it should be noted that 6-10 weeks of early pregnancy is a critical period for the development of embryos. If your emotions are too disturbed, it will affect embryo development.Therefore, mother should pay attention to maintaining a happy mood. You can listen to light music appropriately, or chat with friends to express his emotions.

Fetal development

The baby’s small heart beating is super fast, and the facial features are also ready to develop

Babies who have developed at the beginning will bring a small tail, but don’t be afraid. This week, the tails have basically disappeared. This is finally a bit like a human, hehe.But the baby’s head will still be uneven.The baby’s facial features are about to develop, and the eyes, nose, lips, and tongue can be seen.The arms and legs are no longer just Xiaobei, and they are slowly growing.Now the baby’s heartbeat is super fast, which is twice the adult. Now it is about 150 times per minute.

Precautions during pregnancy

1. Keep oral cleaning

Pregnancy can cause the teeth to be destroyed by vomiting residues. If the mouth is not clean, it will easily affect oral hygiene.In addition, the sour foods that mothers like to eat in the early pregnancy are also easy to damage their teeth.Therefore, pregnant mothers should often brush their teeth and keep their mouth clean.Pregnant mothers do a good job of cleaning the oral cavity, not only have it related to the health of the baby, but also very important to pregnant mothers themselves. Do not have less teeth because of a moment of negligence!

2. Avoid sexual life

In the first three months of pregnancy, you must taboo sex life, so as not to cause uterine contraction and cause miscarriage.Therefore, the prospective dad must control the desire, and you must not be lost due to small.

3. Learn to take a correct bath

Yes, your bathing method before pregnancy may not be suitable for pregnancy.The vaginal secretions of pregnant mothers are gradually increasing, and they are particularly prone to infection with Candida vaginitis, so pay attention to the cleanliness of vulva.It is worth noting that the pregnant mother is best to use a shower when taking a bath. Do not be too high in water temperature. Do not be too long to avoid the congestion of the uterus and cause miscarriage.

4. Carefully take health care products

Do not take healthy drugs such as vitamins such as vitamins.Vitamin is not harmless. When taking vitamins, pregnant mothers should carefully refer to the instructions. After taking excessive vitamin A, newborn rabbit lips, jaw cracks, congenital heart disease, and central nervous system abnormal chances will occur; vitaminC too much can affect the absorption and metabolism of the maternal vitamin B12.

5. Keep sufficient sleep

Now you can be a queen in October, maintaining sufficient sleep, which can not only promote the healthy development of the fetus, but also effectively alleviate the pregnancy reaction.Pregnant mothers during this period maintain at least 8 hours of sleep every day.Of course, don’t lie in bed often or not, you should take a walk appropriately.

prenatal education

1. Music prenatal education

Beautiful music makes the fetus grow healthier healthily

When pregnant mothers feel irritable or anxious, spend some time to calm themselves consciously, tell yourself, "Don’t worry, don’t be angry, your baby is watching!" Your positive and peaceful emotions can be passed on to the baby in the abdomen,This will lay a good foundation for children’s future life.In various prenatal education methods, music prenatal education has its special effects.The fetus often accepts beautiful and healthy music, which can improve the blood supply of the placenta and make the fetus grow healthily.

2. Emotional prenatal education

Record the baby’s growth

Pregnant mothers can prepare a beautiful and warm notebook for themselves and start to record your pregnancy diary.From the beginning of pregnancy to every subtle change in the conceived in October, the different moods and physical changes, feelings, prenatal education methods, baby’s reactions, etc. in various periods, etc., write down little by little, make it become your life breeding life.The best record.Looking at these babies at any time, the mother’s love is born, and the emotion of love will definitely infect the fetus in the abdomen.

Diet recommendation

1. Nutrition supplement

Pregnancy is the most special stage in women’s life. During this period, maintaining balanced nutrition and good living habits during pregnancy is the basis for the healthy growth of the fetus in the body. It also laid the foundation for early and future digestion, immunity, brain, and physical development of newborn children.EssenceIn order to ensure that mothers and babies have sufficient nutrition, expectant mothers should choose pregnant women’s milk powder with comprehensive nutritional formula during pregnancy, including calcium, iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and protein.The key nutrition of general lack of lack.

2. Nutritional diet

In addition to effectively preventing the anemia, iron supplementation also supplies iron for fetal growth.The growth of the fetus requires iron, and a part of the iron must be stored in the liver.There are many foods rich in iron, such as chickens, ducks, pigs, liver and kidneys, as well as broad beans, tomatoes, celery, shiitake mushrooms, laver, and peaches, red dates, raisins, etc. Pregnant mothers should eat more.

At this stage, you may feel hungry at any time. At this time, you need some healthy snacks.You can choose some low -sugar, low -calorie, high -meal fiber snacks, such as red dates, chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, etc.

3. Recommended recipe: ginger milk milk

This medicinal diet has a stomach and stomach vomiting, refreshing and quenching thirst, and is suitable for pregnancy and vomiting for pregnancy.

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