The fetal hypoxia has a great impact, and these symptoms of pregnant women have to be vigilant.

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In the third trimester, hypoxia in the palace is very dangerous for the fetus. When it continues to be severe hypoxia, it will damage the fetus’s brain and even stop developing.Therefore, in the third trimester, pregnant women must pay more attention to the situation of fetal movement and the results of the checkup.Oxygen in the palace is usually divided into two types: acute and chronic, but no matter which one, it threatens the baby’s life and health.

Urgent oxygen is sudden. When the pregnant woman is childbirth, once the fetus is acute hypoxia, the doctor will take corresponding first aid measures, such as starting oxygen absorption, changing childbirth positions, stopping the use of contractions, and so on.If it is not effective, production can be ended by caesarean section.In this issue, Tao Mom mainly talks with you about chronic fetal hypoxia.

The third trimester is a high incidence of chronic hypoxia, which is mainly manifested as a decrease in fetal movement, and the increase in fetal heart rate is not obvious. As the due date approaching, the hypoxia will become more and more serious.Chronic hypoxia can also restrict the development of the fetus, and the amniotic fluid is reduced, which is not conducive to the further development of the fetus.

Causes of chronic hypoxia in the fetus

1. The problem of pregnant women itself

Some pregnant women may suffer from lung dysfunction or severe anemia, which will cause insufficient oxygen content in the blood, and the danger of hypoxia is prone to hypoxia.

2. The problem of the fetus itself

Another is that the fetus has some diseases, such as severe cardiovascular disease, fetal infection in the fetus.This will cause the fetal transportation and the ability to use oxygen decline, which will cause hypoxia.

3. Placental problem

We all know that the placenta can transport nutrition for the fetus and has a vital role in the health of the fetus.If the placenta is abnormal, such as hardening and narrowing, it may cause fetal hypoxia.

How can pregnant women find fetal hypoxia?

Many pregnant women are more puzzled: Was the fetus in the stomach, do he know? How can I know?In fact, hypoxia in the fetus also reflects some physical changes of pregnant women, which requires pregnant women to pay more attention.

1. Abnormal fetal movement

Fetal movement is a normal physiological activity of the fetus. At the same time, fetal movement can also reflect the development of the fetus.Generally, after 7 months of pregnancy, we recommend that pregnant women develop the habit of digital movement.If the pregnant woman finds a very active fetus, it suddenly becomes very quiet, which will be vigilant.Generally, the fetus is the most lively after meals. The number of fetal movements within a few hours of pregnant women can be used. If the number of fetal movements in one hour is less than 3 times, it may be hypoxia. Pregnant women are best to go to the hospital in time.

2. Ferry heart abnormalities

From about 36 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women have to do fetal heart monitoring every week.Some pregnant women can meet, and they will buy a fetal heart monitor at home.Normally, the fetal heart rate is between 120 times/min-160 times/min.If the fetal heart rate is lower than or higher than this standard, it will cause attention, it is likely to be a signal of hypoxia.

Tao Ma said: The fetal hypoxia is a very serious situation. If the pregnant woman cannot find it in time, the fetus will be in danger of life.Therefore, pregnant women usually know the cause of hypoxia in the fetus, and then try to avoid it.At the same time, pregnant women should pay more attention to their physical changes. If the fetal heart and fetal movement abnormalities are abnormal, they must attract attention. This is the fetus asking you for help.

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