The fetal is good or bad related to pregnancy

On the second day of discharge, now confinement at home, the child was born 2.98kg, and the second day of discharge, we scale at home, 108, hold the child 115, is the child weighing two pounds?

The second child is not good, and I have been to the emergency department. I do n’t know if this is the reason. It may also be that the second child does not remove the fetal poison.

I love to eat mung bean porridge. When I am at home, I cook mung beans. I ate three bowls in the early pregnancy. I still hurt my stomach. I was afraid that the fetus had problems.

I feel that I will cook it a little after getting angry. It does n’t hurt to eat 5 bowls a day in the third trimester. I have read a report before that the fetal poison is a fire. It may be the reason that there is no fetal poison in one child.

Some places can eat goose eggs for fetal poison, but the first child does not have a special fetal poison, so there is no special fetal poison in the second child. The second child is at home and what to eat at home., Acne everywhere, doctors say detoxification, don’t care.

I do n’t know if it ’s because of a child at home. What do you love? There are few problems. Both your mood or your body are a bit black. Except for the birth of amniotic fluid, the amniotic fluid is in the stomach.God, no other problems are seen.

When I was discharged from the hospital, the jaundice was valued at four o’clock. The doctor said that there was no jaundice and heavy breathing, but it would not be like a whistle.

There are many problems with the second child, but it should not be big, there are ear fistula and jaundice.

The maximum jaundice is 13,15. The doctor said that it was normal, but the eyes felt white and yellow. The first time I encountered a child with jaundice, it was still very worried.

I heard that jaundice can drink plenty of water, let children Dorodu, and can also bask in the sun, but still feel particularly yellow.

Now the acne has not eliminated a lot, that is, fetal poison and jaundice are still there, I hope they will grow up healthily and happily.

Jaundice tire poison is fast, breathing is fast, I don’t know if it is different children.

The second child had a sound of breathing. The first child was like a snoring. The second child was like a whistle. He was still ah. When he was discharged, the doctor had heard it with a stethoscopy.


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