The fetal movement during pregnancy is always on the right side of the stomach. Why is this?The answer is warm

In the process of pregnancy, the most anticipated in the process of pregnancy is to feel the baby’s movement in her belly.And with the development of the baby, the fetal movement will become more and more powerful, and there will be certain rules.At this time, pregnant mothers who often interact with the baby will find that the baby is always active on the right and will be particularly curious. Why?

Xia Xia Huai is the first child. Since feeling the baby’s first fetal movement in 20 weeks, one thing that Xia Xia must do every night is to interact with the baby baby, talk to him, tell a small story, or kick him in him.When I was in my belly, I touched him with my hands, especially happiness and peace of mind.

On this day, my mother -in -law asked Xia Xia: "Is the baby move on the left or the right?"

Xia Xia replied: "Move on the right." The mother -in -law whispered, saying, "It seems that it is a girl."

It turned out that her mother -in -law has always been curious about her baby’s gender. First, she asked Xia Xia to like spicy food. Later, she looked at the shape of Xiaxia’s belly.The conclusion was the girl, this time I was completely dead.

The older generation feels that fetal movements can see the baby’s sex the most. For example, the baby has more fetal movement, most of which are boys, and most of them are girls.This is because the boy was born with noisy and the girl was born and quiet.

Although this statement seems a bit reasonable, there is no scientific basis as support, which is not credible.Now girls are more troubled than boys.

There is also a saying that the female baby likes to move on the right side of the mother’s belly, and the baby baby likes to move on the left side of the mother’s belly.In fact, looking at the location of the fetal movement to determine the gender, this is not a scientific basis!And most babies like to move on the right!

1) The fetus’s own preference

Little guys also have their own preferences, just like everyone has their own love and things that do not like. The baby’s choice of staying is also their preference.Some baby babies like to squeeze a little bit, feel that they will feel security. Some fetal babies like a spacious place and can be more free.So if the baby is moving on the right, it may be that he feels that the place is more comfortable and don’t want to move.

2) Pregnant mother’s sleep posture is related to

Generally, in the third trimester, doctors generally recommend that pregnant mothers sleep on the left as much as possible, and most pregnant mothers will do it.You know, in the late pregnancy, the baby can only curl up his body in order to barely stay in the uterus.And most of the pregnant mothers’ uterus is right, that is, the activity space on the right is greater, which is more conducive to the fetal fist. Therefore, it is natural to like the fetus to move on the right side.

3) The position of the placenta

Generally, in the early stages of pregnancy, the position of the embryo bed is relatively random. It may be more left or right. This is a normal phenomenon.And if the placenta is close to the right wall of the uterus, when the baby is activated, the placenta will be closer, so that the expectant mother will feel that the baby always moves on the right side of the stomach.

If the fetal baby frequently appears in this position, maybe he knows that as soon as he is active at this position, his parents will come to interact with him, so that parents can understand her more, and make the little guy in the belly perceiveThe existence of mom and dad is really warm to think about it.

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