The fetus "eating and drinking Lazar" is in the pregnant belly. Is the amniotic fluid dirty?In fact, there are measurement standards

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Is there anyone like a dumpling mother? In addition to the cuteness of the fetal treasure when you are pregnant, you will also consider some strange things.

For example, if you are pregnant in October, will this little guy be hungry?Where did TA go in my stomach and urine?I couldn’t help asking the doctor about these questions during the checkup.

First of all, expectant mothers should be prepared for psychological preparation. This answer is yes, and more specifically is that eating and drinking Lazar is in the uterus, in amnioceminal and amniotic fluid.

The fetal swallowing ability and digestive system are basically developed at 24 weeks, and swallowing movements will occur in 16 weeks, and it will gradually improve in about 24 weeks.

With this skill, the baby will swallow the amniotic fluid under the emotion such as boring, hunger, or nervousness. When the amniotic fluid that drinks in, the urine will be excreted.That’s right, it is ranked in amniotic fluid.

Isn’t this very dirty?What the expectant mother wants to know is that when the baby’s urine is discharged into amniotic fluid, she will continue to swallow amniotic fluid with urine. Do you feel difficult to swallow?

But expectant mothers should not worry too much, because whether the amniotic fluid is turbid, there is a measure of measurement, and it is not as easy to dirty as expected.

The fetus may also be excreted in a small amount of stool in the pregnant belly. Of course, it is also stored in amniotic fluid, but in general, it will not threaten the fetal treasure.

First of all, amniotic fluid and baby excreta are very pure

The baby’s urine in pregnant women is not as dirty as after birth, because amniotic fluid is a relatively pure substance, and there will be no impurities in the normal pregnancy week. ThereforeIt will be dirty.

Because there is no impurities, there will not be too many residues in the intestine even if they are digested and absorbed. Even if there is a poop, it will be very small and not very dirty.There is a fetal body intestine in one child, and then slowly discharge after birth.

Second, the degree of the amniotic fluid becomes dirty, the baby has the ability to accept

Under normal circumstances, amniotic fluid is translucent, and there are small amounts of epithelial cells and other substances.Experienced expectant mothers know that during the checkup, there is a amniotic fluid index to observe the amount of amniotic fluid and whether it is turbid.

During childbirth, the probability of turbid amniotic fluid is about 10%to 20%, which is generally divided into 3 degrees.

Once the turbidity is a pale yellow or pale green, which may cause a chronic hypoxia for the fetus and cannot receive oxygen normally; the second degree is turbid, and there is a small amount of fetal manure. In fact, it is dangerous and the fetus is easy to inhale impurities.More serious amniotic fluid is three degrees of turbidity, and it has already appeared brown viscous, which is very likely to cause fetal suffocation.

But expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much. Generally, amniotic fluid turbidity often occurs on mothers who exceed the expected period, and the probability is relatively low.

In fact, amniotic fluid turbidity, expectant mothers can control through their own habits. The fetus excrete urine and feces in amniotic fluid, but it is part of the cause of contaminated amniotic fluid. The expectant mother can ensure that the amniotic fluid is clear as much as possible.

First, eat less junk food during pregnancy

Eating less junk food during pregnancy can not only ensure the nutrition of themselves and the fetus, but also not contaminate amniotic fluid due to excessive seasoning and additives.

Do not have too much sugar and salt in diet. These ingredients need to be metabolized by the bodies of prospective mothers. When the content is too high, the body cannot metabolize, which will increase the degree of amniotic fluid turbid.

Second, expectant mothers are particular about drinking water

Specific mothers need to replenish water during pregnancy, but they cannot use fruit juice, or even alcohol, etc., are polluting and boiled tap water. The mineral water on the market is too much added, which is not suitable for expectant mothers to drink.Other liquids will also contaminate amniotic fluid to a certain extent.

Finally, ensure good mood and work and rest habits

In addition, it is easy to be ignored, that is, the mothers’ feelings and regular life and rest, all of which are helpful to keep the amniotic fluid clear.

When the mothers are too excited or the rest is not good, the fetus will be stimulated and the fetal movement will be frequent. During the activity, more fetal fats fall off in the amniotic fluid and make the amniotic fluid turbid.

Tuanzi mother’s heart:

Perform mothers regularly check during pregnancy, not only depending on the development of the fetus, but also the degree of turbidity of amniotic fluid. If the due date is very turbid, the expectant mother can not continue to wait stupidly, but to have a cesarean section in advance.Ensure the safety of the fetus.

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