The fetus is dangerous during pregnancy, and the mother will send a "help signal" to the mother, and the expectant mother will understand

Pregnancy is a very hard thing for women, and the state of life during pregnancy will also affect the pregnant mother itself and the fetus.When the fetus develops a problem, it is often not manifested as soon as possible. If the pregnant mother is too careless and disagree with the physical change, it will miss the adjustment time. This is very unfavorable to the growth of the fetus.

At different stages of women’s pregnancy, physical performance reflects the fetal condition. If you encounter these phenomena, don’t hesitate, the fetus is asking for help!

1. Abdominal pain and accompanied by vulvar bleeding, the amount of bleeding is slightly larger

In the process of women’s conception, the embryo will first choose an excellent environment to bed to further develop. When the embryo chooses the bed position, it will collide back and forth in the uterus.Worried that this is normal. When the embryo is in bed successfully, these discomfort will improve.However, if a woman suddenly occurs too much bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, it indicates that the stability of the embryo is poor and there is risk of abortion. They should seek medical examination as soon as possible and take measures.

2. Suddenly disappearing or suddenly aggravated in pregnancy vomiting

When women are pregnant, they are affected by hormones and will occur in pregnancy. As the fetus grows, the body adapts to hormone fluctuations, and the phenomenon of pregnancy can be relieved.However, if the pregnant mother suddenly vomit or suddenly does not vomit, it is necessary to increase their vigilance, which shows that there may be problems with the development of the fetus, and further examination needs to be confirmed.

1. The legs are often cramps

I believe that everyone has heard of leg cramps as the expression of calcium deficiency, and this statement is also applicable for pregnant mothers.When women enter the middle of pregnancy, the focus of fetal development will be formed from basic structural tissues, temporarily transforming to bone development, which will consume a large amount of calcium in pregnant mothers.When the calcium reserves of the pregnant mother’s body are insufficient and the state of calcium deficiency is present, various related reactions will occur in the body, such as leg cramps, loose teeth, joint pain, etc. If you do not replenish in time, not only your body will not be able to relieve the alleviationEven the fetal development will be blocked, so it is recommended that pregnant mothers find that there are similar situations. Check the trace elements as soon as possible and supplement them in a targeted manner.

2. No fetal movement

Generally speaking, when the fetus develops 4 to 5 months, all aspects of the body have developed and have a certain ability to move. When the fetus moves the body, the pregnant mother can clearly feel the fetal movement, but if the fetus is at this stage at this stageBefore the fetal movement is issued, it is necessary to doubt whether there is a problem of development.Some babies have developed slowly, and they have not reached basic development standards at 4 to 5 months. Therefore, the baby’s fetal movement will be delayed. Of course, some babies are well developed, but they are too lazy to move.The situation should be judged by the results of the checkup.

1. Abnormal fetal movement

When the fetus develops to 7 or 8 months old, the daily fetal movement will look more regular, but if the pregnant mother obviously feels the frequency and amplitude of the fetal movement one day, it means that the fetus may encounter trouble now.For example, umbilical cord around the neck, at this time, the pregnant mother must do to rescue the doctor in a timely manner, and understand the specific situation of the fetus by checking it. If it is necessary to adjust it, it can also be improved as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the fetus.

2. Early broken amniotic fluid

This situation is relatively dangerous, because breaking water means that the fetus may be born immediately. The main role of amniotic fluid is to provide oxygen and suspension protection to the fetus. If the amniotic fluid continues to flow out, it will cause insufficient oxygen supply and lose suspension.The fetal fetus will also move down, causing placental prolapse.It is recommended to encounter a pregnant mother who is similar to the situation. Do not panic, first find a place to lie down, and then lift the ass with a cushion. This can avoid a large amount of amniotic fluid loss.Ready to produce.

It can be seen that any small problems in the body during pregnancy cannot be ignored. If you don’t pay attention, you will cause harm to the fetus.

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