The fetus is most afraid of amniotic fluid turbid. How should pregnant women prevent it?Do these 4 tasks to prevent amniotic fluid turbidity

Pinger anxiously called me "Xiaoli went to do B -ultrasound today, the amniotic fluid was turbid, and the doctor asked her to have a cesarean section. She said that there was a lot of this situation, so that the amniotic fluid was turbid, can it be prevented?" We todayLet’s talk about the question of "how should the fetus are most afraid of amniotic fluid, how should expectant mothers prevent"

Most mothers responded that amniotic fluid turbid will occur in the next few weeks, and doctors recommend to go to a cesarean section in time.

There are also mothers who have turbid amniotic fluid in more than 20 weeks. The doctor’s suggestion is to drink more warm water and go back to several fetal movements to prevent the fetus from hypoxia.The most terrible amniotic fluid is to cause fetal hypoxia, and mothers must pay attention.

1. When the amniotic fluid turbidity is mild, I don’t feel anything.

2. If the amniotic fluid is turbid, he will feel tired and weak, breathe smooth, and the fetus will be a lot quiet, which shows that there are some internal uterine hypoxia.

3. Other mothers say that the color of the urine is turbid representing amniotic fluid turbid. In fact, this is unreasonable.Amniotic fluid is not discharged through urine, as long as it is controlled by the controlled urine is not amniotic fluid, and it is amniotic fluid without controlling it.

1. Inspection on time

Because the amniotic fluid turbidity is not easy to find, it will only be discovered when it is done in time, so be sure to pay attention to the check -up on time.After 28 weeks, it was a 2 weeks of birth, and after 36 weeks, it was changed to 1 week of birth.

If the amniotic fluid is turbid, the status observed by the B -ultrasound may be "seeing dense light spots suspended inward", "visible particulate floating", etc. The doctor will also note that "amniotic fluid turbidity"!

2. Drink more liquid

Usually pay attention to drink plenty of water, drink soy milk, and drink some fresh coconut juice.After pregnancy, the body’s metabolism is increased, and it is easy to be afraid of sweating, and the excretion function will be strengthened. Therefore, you need enough water to participate in metabolism. Drink at least 2000ml of water every day.

Part of the source of amniotic fluid during pregnancy is the blood of the mother, especially in the early pregnancy. The main source of the amniotic fluid is the blood of the maternal body. Drinking liquid to promote blood circulation is very good for the clearness and number of amniotic fluid.

If the amniotic fluid is not very serious, it can be purified.The amniotic fluid will be cleaned once every 3 hours. If the fetal feces and fetal fats fall into amniotic fluid, the amniotic fluid will cause amniotic fluid turbid. At this time, drink plenty of water, and the self -purification function of amniotic fluid can be purified.

3. Digital movement

The problem caused by the turbid amniotic fluid is hypoxia. Pay attention to several fetal movements. If you find that the fetal movement suddenly increases and then suddenly stops, it may be prompted that the fetus is hypoxic.

4. Pay attention to rest and diet

During pregnancy, you must not be too tired. Pay attention to rest and diet. Sleeping sufficient sleep to ensure your mental pleasure, which is extremely beneficial to the healthy development of the fetus.

Amniotic fluid will also be affected by diet. Usually eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, supplement sufficient nutrition to ensure the quality of amniotic fluid.

In short, pregnant women usually pay more attention to prevention. It is not easy to appear turbid amniotic fluid, relax, and spend the pregnancy during the pregnancy!The new second childboy mother, Career Hero, who used to be in the workplace, and the winner of Qingyun plan, won the original invitations of multiple platforms.Jia Youbao was sent to cultural exchanges in the United States.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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