The five parts of the pigeons have the most toxins, and they cannot be eaten casually.

Hello everyone, this is a hundred -changing kitchen workshop, do you know?There are five parts of the pigeons that cannot be eaten. Not only do they have no nutrition, but they also contain a lot of toxins, which is extremely harmful to the human body.

But many friends in life ignore these points, so let’s follow the video today to find out which five parts cannot be eaten.

In our lives, we can often hear a sentence called "one pigeon to win nine chickens". It can be seen that from this sentence, we can know that the nutritional value of the pigeons is very high, and many other meats are incomparable.

Not only that, the meat of the pigeons is also very delicate, smooth and delicious, so it is loved by everyone.

Many people like to buy pigeons home to cook. The most common ways to eat are stewed pigeons, roasted pigeons, and so on.

Because the volume and head of the pigeons are relatively small, generally, no matter how we cook it, it is generally operated by one by one, but do you know?

In fact, although the pigeons are very nourishing and nutritious, there are five parts that cannot be eaten on it.

The first is the head of the pigeon. Whether it is chickens, ducks, fish, goose pigeons, many friends have a soft spot for head feelings, and they are dedicated to their heads, but what you do n’t know is that we do n’t use it as much as the head of the to say?

If it is a native pigeon raised in our home, it is raised with grains, then we can eat the head of the pigeon.

When I was young, I often heard the elderly say that the head of the pigeon’s head is the best. It is where all nutritional components are concentrated. Whether it is chickens, duck, fish head or pigeon head, it was very popular at the time.Eating, indeed the pigeon’s head nutrition is very rich.

Of course, at this time, the head of the pigeon at that time was very nutritious and could be used. Now the pigeon head is not recommended to eat it.

Maybe many friends have a question mark in their hearts. The reason is very simple. The previous pigeons were basically a few pigeons raised in their homes in the family. Generally, they were eaten grain grains in the home.Clean.

Nowadays, pigeons are basically raised in batches, and they are also feed, and pigeons also eat some metal substances when eating food. Over time, they have caused a large amount of metal substance hoarding.

Although the head of the pigeon is rich in protein and contains other nutrients, it is not recommended to eat it in this case.

Of course, if you really have a soft spot for pigeons, then you may wish to buy a few pigeons at home.Raise it yourself, the soil grid raised by your own, then you can do it separately.

In the second part, friends who basically noticed this part, and it is very easy to distinguish. It is the part of our pigeon feet and calves connecting the paws.

In fact, whether it is a pigeon or chicken, it is basically not eaten like this part, not to say that the meat on the top of this part cannot be eaten, but a layer of skin wrapped on this part.

The layer of outer skin of Huanghuang usually may notice that this pigeon I bought has been completely cleaned by the merchant, so everyone can’t see it.

But if it is our own pigeons, or chickens, ducks, geese, etc., we will know that the layer of skin outside is very thick, just like the socks worn by humans.Gently rub it down.

Of course, we must also pay attention; sometimes when we go outside to buy the pigeons home, goose, chicken, etc., sometimes it is not completely cleaned up, so if we buy it home, we find that there is a layer of yellow and yellow thick thickness above.For the skin, then you need to deal with that layer of skin yourself.

There are also nails of our chickens, ducks, goose, and pigeons. The nails of the pigeons are very thin. When we cut, we should cut as long as possible.Essence

The third part is the buttocks of the pigeon. Many friends like to eat chicken butt and duck ass, so the buttocks of the pigeons are no exception.

Do you know?The part of the pigeon buttocks cannot be eaten. When it comes to this part, everyone knows very well, so the feces of pigeons are discharged from here.

The above part is the genitals of the pigeons. These two parts are particularly easy to breed bacteria, with a lot of bacteria.

It is not recommended to eat, be sure to cut them completely and cut these two parts.

The fourth part, the neck of the pigeon.

The neck of the pigeon here is not to say that the meat on the neck of the pigeon cannot be eaten. It is the layer in the pigeon’s neck. We can’t see it like this, and cut it with scissors.

After cutting, we can see that there is a thick layer of oil, and there is a red thing like water quality. This is the trachea of the pigeons, and there are some pieces of pieces, granular things.It is the lymph nodes above.

Like this thick oil, in general, we can’t eat it, and the amount is really too high.

And there are many lymphatic tissues in it. Like this layer, we better pull it off and deal with it. Do not use it. Not only is it tasteless, it contains a lot of oil, and it looks very ugly.

It looks much better after processing and it is much more pleasing.

The fifth part is some internal organs in the belly of the pigeon. The pigeons are the same as chickens and ducks. Its internal organs contain many things, such as heart, liver, intestines, and so on.

So, in addition to the heart, liver, and pigeons, do not remove the internal organs inside. Do not use it. Like the intestine, there are many excrement, pigeons, feces, and so on.

It is also very troublesome to clean up, it is not easy to clean, and there are a lot of bacteria, so do not use it like other internal organs. The screen is a bit not good -looking. ThereforeTreatment.

We cut the abdomen of the pigeon and take it out what we can’t need.

We find that no matter where we buy pigeons or pigeons at home, others will not handle the pigeons clean. This is because the pigeons are relatively small. If others deal with, there are fewer pigeons.

Originally, the price of pigeons was relatively expensive. Seeing so little meat, there must be no one to buy it, so the vendors who sell the pigeons generally keep these belly and wait for us to go home to deal with it ourselves.

This part I took in my hand is chicken gangsters, and chicken liver, so chicken salamander cannot be used directly. After the chicken tadpoles are cleaned, cut a mouth in the middle with scissors, and then the layer of yellow skin inside must be sureTear it off, you can eat it after tearing it off.

The treated pigeons can be used to cook soup with the pigeons, or it can be used to cook and stir -fried or shabu -shabu, which is very delicious.

After the pigeon’s five major toxins are cleaned up, we can eat with confidence.

Let ’s share with you the practice of pigeon soup, that is, the practice of pigeon soup. Many friends do n’t know how to cook soup.

Wash the pigeons, add a few ginger, add a spoonful of salt, and then add the water without pigeons, soak the pigeons in ginger, soak the salt water for ten minutes, so as to remove the fishy smell on the pigeons.

After ten minutes, remove the pigeon water control and put it in the casserole.Add a pack of seasonings for stewed pigeons, you can also use the seasoning of chicken to replace.

Without this material, you can add ginger, then ten grams of astragalus, ten grams of Codonopsis, and then there is no need to add other ingredients. Put it in and add the water to the long pigeons.

In order to make the soup more delicious, friends who have the conditions here can use pure water or mineral water to replace it, boil the pot and turn it to the medium and medium heat for another half an hour.

Time is here, wow, it is really too fragrant, the whole air is filled with a strong fragrance of grid.

Now according to the actual situation, add an appropriate amount of salt, a little pepper, and a handful of wolfberry.

Boil over a low heat for five minutes. After five minutes, our pigeon soup is cooked.

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The stewed pigeon soup is delicious, without any fishy smell, which is very delicious.

If you like green onions, we cut a little onion and sprinkle it. Friends who like delicious oranges quickly collect it and try it!

Okay, our sharing today is here first. Thank you for watching it. We will see it tomorrow.

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