The girl was violated into prison, but found that she was pregnant#a wonderful story

The girl was violated but was sentenced to 5 years, adapted from real events (episode 2).

Xiaomo Movie and Television.

The girl in the flower season was raped by scum, but was imprisoned due to defense.On the first day of her prison, she was violently violent by short -haired prisoners.Fortunately, several other prisoners were more friendly, and after learning that Yingzi’s encounter, she took care of her.Yingzi first arrived and was full of fear of this. She never left her mother.I couldn’t sleep around at night, I wanted to cry but did not dare to cry out, and always hid in the corner alone.

One of the elders distressed Yingzi, and told her her experience, and taught her how to mail letter to her mother outside the prison, which made the depressed Yingzi emotion released.She also had a smile on her face.Soon after, Yingzi’s mother came to see her. In order to rest assured her daughter, she smiled at the mirror over and over again.However, the moment her mother saw Yingzi, her tears still couldn’t stop flowing, and she repeatedly said the words she learned.Seeing that my mother spoke greatly, Yingzi was relieved.However, when Yingzi gradually came out of the haze, a bad news broke her again during the medical examination.Yingzi was froze when he heard the news, and then ran towards the door crazy, venting his grievances.Because this incident was closed.

When the prison friend came to pick her back the next day, he found that Yingzi’s belly was full of blood, and his lips were frozen.It turned out that she wanted to freeze the child in her belly.Because the law does not allow her to abort, and Yingzi can do a hunger strike.In order not to worry her mother, she refused her mother to see her again.This gives my mother an ominous hunch.

Sure enough, Yingzi took advantage of the work to kill the child in the stomach.As a result, he was hit by the irritable short hair girl.This force looks very right.In fact, the short -haired girl is also concerned about Yingzi, but she will only stop it in this way.The short -haired girl was closed.The prison friends took more care of Yingzi, and did not let her do at all.Even the prison guard opened the back door and changed her relaxed job.

A few months later, Yingzi was always gloomy, coupled with malnutrition, abdominal pain and couldn’t bear to be taken to the hospital.After the doctor was checked, the child was very healthy, and Yingzi had been pregnant for 6 months, but it seemed that the fetus knew that the mother didn’t like herself, and always curled up and refused to grow up.It didn’t take long for Yingzi to usher in the second trial. In the court, Yingzi said sincerely that he killed people to serve the law, but it was true that he was violated. He only asked the judge to allow himself to kill his child.In the end, Yingzi’s sincerity moved the trial, and the court also found that the defense was too effective. Her sentence was changed from the first 5 years to 1 year.But the child’s request was rejected by the judge.The prisoners were really happy for Yingzi. In order to celebrate the secretly painted her favorite Persian chrysanthemum for Yingzi overnight, Yingzi showed a smile from the heart.

But then she recovered bitterly, because she couldn’t accept the baby in her belly, so a bold plan began to start in her heart.Girls in the flower season were strongly exploded.

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