The Great Sui Dynasty Emperor Sui Wen Yang Jian was born

In 541, on July 21, in a temple in a temple in Dali County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, the general Yang Zhong’s wife, Lu Kudao, was waiting for delivery, and a baby was born with a crying.

No one expected that when the baby grew up, he not only became the emperor’s old man, the grandfather’s grandfather, the emperor’s uncle, but also the emperor.

Of course, I believe God knows this matter, because he has hinted to people, accompanied by Yang Jian’s birth, in addition to crying, and the purple gas of the house.

Yang Jian

There are countless such auspiciousness in history. Some who dreamed that the sun became pregnant after entering his belly.In short, this is a warning given by God, not ordinary people.

The baby was Yang Jian, the founding emperor of the Sui Dynasty in the future, but at the time he was not called Yang Jian, but was called Pu Liuru Jian.

Why is Pu Liuru Jian? Because his surname is Pu Liuru Jian. This is the surname of Xianbei gave them to their family before the North Zhou Zhou.This also lost Yang Jian. He did not forget that he was a Han, and he recovered their surname of Han after the throne.

When it comes to this, it is necessary to introduce his father.Because there is no credit for Yang Zhong, Yang Jian can’t be the emperor anyway.

The father of Emperor Sui Wen was Yang Zhong, and Yang Zhong was from Wuchuan Town. This is a magical place.

Wuchuan Town

History books say that Yang Zhonghu has grown well, and he is also very high.The current size is 1,88 meters. At the age of 18, Shandong played in Shandong. It is estimated that he came to An An’s house in Shandong. After coming to Shandong, he found a daughter -in -law here, the mother of Emperor Sui Wen.You said who had nothing to travel in that war.In case of something to do, this unlucky thing was really encountered by Yang Zhong.

At that time, there were Northern Wei Dynasty in the north, and the Liang Dynasty in the south, the country in Langya.At that time, Liang Chao’s strength was quite strong, and he ran to Shandong to grab a wave of people, one of which was Yang Zhong.Grabbing the past is the power of labor, but Yang Zhong’s long -term was compiled into the barracks.

Since then, Yang Zhong’s military career has been started, from the south to the north, and from the east to the west. Anyway, before the age of thirty, he was born.But during this time, it was very important for Yang Zhong because he met two nobles, one was Dugu Xin and the other was Yuwentai.

At this time, Yang Zhong’s career was successful, but the unsatisfactory thing was that he had no children.

Hou Xingxing and the moon, until the age of 35, Yang Zhong finally ushered in his first son, the future Emperor Yang Jian of Sui Wen.

Northern Wei Dynasty

After Yang Jian was born, a nun ran in from the outside and said to the child’s mother; this child was extraordinary, and he couldn’t raise it with you. Give it to me.

In this way, Yang Jian, who was just born, was brought to Nun to raise it elsewhere.The Sui Shu also recorded a very magical story, saying that a mother held Xiao Yang Jian, and suddenly saw Yang Jian’s head growing on her head, with scales on her body.It’s on the ground.At this time, the aunt also ran over to blame Yang Jian’s mother: you scared my child, and the emperor’s life was delayed for several years.

In fact, more than a few years after the emperor, in the years after growing up, Yang Jian was quite uncomfortable.

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