The growth environment of "free blood donation" is far more cruel than you think

After watching this long -used video, I couldn’t let go for a long time!Obviously, the nurse was operating standardized, but he still slapped the parents and still went to the door to apologize … Although the plot appeared back later, it was just the dream of blood people, not a reality.

In reality, I have also experienced such a "story". The owner is a blood mining director of a blood center in a blood center in the west; the slap is sturdy, but there is no reversal in the plot -that parent’s behavior of himself has the behavior of his own behavior.I did not admit the mistakes, and the complaint telephone kept calling to the Health Commission.

Obviously there is the "Blood Donation Law", and it is obviously an 18 -year -old adult?But we have the law that we ca n’t depend on it, and we ca n’t talk about it … In the grievances, we look down at the world and seek the understanding of the other party — this may be the reason why many blood people are doubtful about the blood donation method?"Blood donation method" can’t protect everything!

Sometimes, sometimes more rogue than laws; reality, sometimes more cruel than dreams -also follows this reason in the matter of free donation of blood.Chinese blood people always work carefully. In traditional concepts, the suspicion and misunderstanding of blood donation will cause trouble at any time -even if they are legally compliant.

Small troubles are slapped on the spot, and big troubles will sue the blood station to court; behind countless kind people, there are some people who do not understand.This has led to the slow development of China for free blood donation, and many good policies cannot be implemented in the face of reality.So the blood station was compromised, the Health Commission compromised, and the blood donation of the blood was also compromised -Finally, the only thing that did not compromise was "blood shortage"!When the blood was coming, everyone was blaming the blood station.

Blood station is just a blood porter; what can do to serve the people wholeheartedly.However, in the process of service, there will still be various problems -such as service concepts, service attitudes, service methods, and even the difficulty of those who do not understand; if they are not careful, they will lose all.

Today, Xiaobian received a private message from a front -line blood collection person: "As soon as a girl offered the blood, her boyfriend ran noisy -saying that it would affect pregnancy (conception) after the blood donation.! Although the doctor at the blood station explained to him for a long time, the parties and the surrounding masses still expressed dislikes and did not understand — the police uncle came to solve the siege.Will it affect pregnancy after blood donation?Most people understand this!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, but at least you must make trouble!After the nurse picked the 18 -year -old child beaten and blood donation, it affected pregnancy. It reminded us of many problems -some problems are principled, and some are right and wrong.We have no intention of blame everyone who has a prejudice and suspicion for free blood donation, but we still hope that society can give a tolerant attitude and a loose growth environment for free blood donation (after all, free blood donation is to save lives).

This tolerance originated from the improvement of everyone’s quality, and it originated from civilized progress in society.In

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