The hamster raised by the boy suddenly gave birth to a baby, the boy was embarrassed, I don’t know that it is pregnant

With the development of society, a variety of new vocabulary has appeared, such as the new vocabulary of the pet industry, the cat, Wang Xingren, the squeaks, shit officer, shit officer …

These new vocabulary represents the harmony of pets and pet owners. The number of pets in the pets is about the number of cats, dogs and hamsters.

There is a friend Xiaoming, a girl, who has a lot of hamsters, and hamsters have a characteristic that everyone should know that the little guy is particularly able to give birth. Some talented hamster mothers can give birth to more than 20 little cubs.

Every time our friends go out to meet, this little girl will ask us if we want a hamster baby, send it for free!Just a few days ago, she was watching hamsters to have hamsters at home and forgot all the blind date. The boy who hurt others waited for her for more than 3 hours!Maybe this is what the ancients said "played"!

Veterinary Xiaoming today brings to you the interesting thing about hamsters.

When netizens were in class, they suddenly received their girlfriend’s WeChat. They were hamster raised by their own hamsters. Netizens were afraid and nervous at the time … I didn’t know that the hamster she raised was pregnant, this is too sudden!

Netizens know that hamsters are likely to kill each other. The male hamsters may eat their own cubs, so they immediately let their girlfriend separate the male hamster with the mother hamster that is being produced …

Netizens also know that when hamsters have babies, they can’t touch the baby, otherwise they will leave the smell, and the hamster mother will bite the hamster baby, and the others will know nothing.

Consumer other netizens online immediately: "My hamster has a baby, what should I do?" Netizens gave experience.

If the hamster of the little friend’s family is going to have a little cub, the veterinarian Xiaoming gives you some suggestions:

1. Prepare dry wood chips and cotton. At this time, hamster mothers instinctively need to be nest to raise the offspring;

2. Add high protein foods for hamster mothers, such as egg protein, chicken breasts;

3. The water should be sufficient, how can there be no water in milk and milk;

4. Don’t harass or touch them, they are very sensitive.

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