The harm of men’s ejaculation

The harm of men’s ejaculation

Hello everyone, I am a big doctor.In vitro radon refers to the process of sexual life, the penis is pulled away from the vagina when the male is about to ejaculate, allowing semen to shoot outside the female body.Choose exterior ejaculation to end sex life.As everyone knows, this will not only affect sexual pleasure, but also cause harm to the body.

The damage brought by:

1. Entry ejaculation can easily cause sexual dysfunctional disorders

Men’s sexual life is a natural process. After sexual stimulation, the penis is congested and erected. As sexual excitement continues to accumulate, the semen is gradually transported to the prostate of the urethra.And generate great pleasure.This natural pleasure process, when it is close to the climax to the abrupt end, will have great scenery and adversely affect the psychology of both parties.Men will cause obstacles to the central nervous and lumbosacral ejaculation center regulation of the central nervous and lumbosacral spermic sector, which will cause non -ejaculation, and some even have erectile dysfunction.

2. Endogenesis can cause a very serious sexual problem: premature ejaculation

Men and women who use the body’s ejaculation method to contraception are the most common procedures for stimulating men in the prelude to a very excited stage. After inserting, they can be pumped several times and suddenly dial the ejaculation. This can satisfy the man and ensure that women will not conceive.However, because men and women are easy to fall into the traps of sexual psychology, they ignore the concept that men should help women satisfy at the beginning.Therefore, if it can’t be long, men will develop the habit of premature ejaculation.

3. It is easy to make the woman feel cold

In the process of sexual intercourse, when the man reaches the climax, the woman often does not obtain sexual satisfaction at this time. If the man forcibly terminate sexual intercourse at this time, and ejaculate in external body, in the long run, it will cause women to feel cold.From this point of view, the in vitro ejaculation is insufficient. If it is necessary to use scientific contraceptive methods, it is better to use scientific contraceptive methods.

4. It is easy to cause functional not ejaculation

In the process of men’s sexual intercourse, due to sexual excitement at a climax, the penis before ejaculation is accompanied by erectile and hard. Forcibly suspending sexual intercourse at this time, the penis will cause the function of the ejaculation center of the central nervous and waist dice.It is easy to suffer from functional non -ejaculation.

5. Caused the relationship between partners

The in vitro radon destroys the natural process of sexual life, which may have adverse effects on the psychology of the two parties, and even cause sexual cold, affecting the quality of sexual life;

6. Endogenesis can easily lead to contraception failure

In vitro ejaculation is a contraceptive measure with a higher failure rate. Some research data show that the contraceptive failure rate of contraceptives is about 0.3%, the failure rate of the internal internal internal adurator is about 0.6%, the failure rate of the condom is about 2%, and the in vitro ejaculation is about 2%.It is 4%, and some studies have even 15%-28%in some studies.The reasons may be: During the sex life, before male ejaculation, a small amount of semen may have entered the female vagina, and this part of this part of the semen sperm concentration is high; the timing of ejaculation in vitro is sometimes difficult to grasp, so that a small amount of semen can shoot toWomen in the vagina; after the in vitro radio ejaculation, the man exposes the female perineal with his hands or penis. Some sperm may enter the female reproductive tract. These may lead to contraception failure.Once the contraceptive fails, it may cause some harm to both men and women.

Therefore, it is recommended that men try not to use in vitro.Of course, if there are no other effective contraceptive measures, you can also consider temporary emergency, but don’t use it frequently.The appropriate contraceptive method is like condiments to make sex more like fish and reduce worries.

I wish you all good health!

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