The heating has not arrived, stay away from these "heating artifacts" during pregnancy.

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The autumn and winter seasons are when the weather turns cold, but it is difficult for pregnant mothers.

Regardless of whether it is at home or going out, pregnant mothers have to be wrapped tightly if they want to warm up. They were originally inconvenient to move, and with heavy clothes, they added a lot of burden.

Many pregnant mothers choose other heating appliances. Although there are many types of "artifacts", heating will hurt the baby while heating.For the baby’s health, pregnant mothers still need to consider more when choosing the way of heating.

Kobayashi has been pregnant for more than a month, and the whole family is happy to prepare for this little life.

Recently, the weather has become cold and has not heated in the house. Kobayashi feels that his body is extremely cold. He wraps himself into a "dumplings" every day. This is not a way. The body is too cold to make his mood worse and worse.

Talking about this with good friends, friends said that this is the normal phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy, so don’t worry too much.Kobayashi said that she wanted to use electric blankets to warm up, and was immediately discouraged by her friends. It would endanger the child and never use it.

Why is it not recommended to use electric blankets during pregnancy?In fact, in addition to this, many heating equipment is not suitable for pregnant women. In order not to affect the baby’s physical development, it is best to choose warmth methods on weekdays.

1) Electric blanket

The electromagnetic radiation of electric blankets is high and there are hidden safety hazards.During the use of pregnant women, the temperature of the body will gradually rise, which is not conducive to the health of the fetus.

Although the current of the electric blanket is not very large, pregnant mothers cannot avoid clinging to the body. In this way, under the effect of high temperature for a long time, it will affect the development of the embryo.

2) Baby Nuanbao

The raw materials in the warm baby will increase the temperature under the action of air. The maximum temperature can reach more than 40 degrees, and the continuity is strong.

Excessive temperature is very harmful to the baby.The body temperature of the pregnant mother is about 37 degrees Celsius. If it is at a high temperature environment for a long time, it will cause contractions, affect the development of the fetus, and even cause abortion.

3) Massage bubble foot basin

Foot soaking has a good effect on relieving fatigue, but the massage function is not suitable for pregnant women, and it will cause a lot of harm to pregnant women and fetuses.

There are many acupoints on the soles of the feet, and each acupoint corresponds to a certain part of the body.After the pregnant mother soak her feet, she can gently rub the feet, but do not massage the soles of the feet.

4) The heater

The heating electrical appliances have radiation, and the room temperature may produce other harmful substances.For the health of pregnant women and fetuses, we must always pay attention to temperature changes.

While heating, the indoor humidity will also be greatly reduced, and the dry environment will cause pregnant mothers to decrease.If pregnant mothers are sensitive, it is easy to inhale harmful substances into the body and endanger the baby’s health.

1) Insufficient fetal development

During pregnancy, all aspects of the body of pregnant women will change.In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers sometimes have a strong pregnancy reaction, and the placental development value is not complete at this time.

During the first three months of pregnancy, the body temperature of the pregnant mother will continue to rise, and they will be more afraid of cold.

As long as there are no abnormalities, the pregnant mother can rest assured that when the placenta development process is over, the body temperature will naturally return to normal.

2) Temperature is too low

Pregnant women feel cold and have a lot to do with the changes in outdoor temperature.In a special period during pregnancy, the impact on various outside world will become sensitive, and it is essential to add clothes to keep clothes warm in time.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the sudden cold air is invincible.Pregnant mothers should take a good measure to keep warm. Cold air strikes, and it is normal for the body to feel cold, so there is no need to worry about it.

3) Poor constitution

Afraid of cold during pregnancy may be due to their own physical problems. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to nutritional intake.Different from others during pregnancy, there is sufficient nutrition to ensure the baby’s health.

Pregnant mothers have poor physical fitness and will also cause fear of cold.Pregnant mothers eat more foods containing fat, protein and carbohydrates in three meals a day, so as to supplement nutrition in time and strengthen their physique.

1) Balanced nutrition

Foods can not only supplement nutrition, but also have the effect of keeping warm.Pregnant mothers can eat more mutton soup and beef soup during pregnancy, which can effectively play the role of iron supplementation.

In addition, milk, soy products, and fresh fruits and vegetables are also essential, and nutritional balance is the most important.

2) Adjust room temperature

While opening the air conditioner in the room, pay attention to opening the windows and ventilation.The weather is cold and the temperature is appropriate. Timely adjust the temperature according to the situation. The pregnant mother lives in a comfortable environment to be more conducive to the development of the baby.

3) Putting on clothes to keep warm

The physical fitness of pregnant mothers should increase or decrease clothes according to their physical condition.Pregnant mothers wear some warm underwear, which can resist the cold very well, and pay attention to the warmth of the feet, which is conducive to promoting the blood circulation of the body.

Pregnant mothers are in a special period, and all aspects of life must pay special attention.With the conversion of the seasons, the body feels cold and normal, but it is necessary to adopt the correct way of heating and not choose blindly.

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