The husband and wife divorced home, the ex -wife was pregnant unexpectedly, and the ex -husband’s response revealed the ugly side of human nature.

There are too many things that need to be divided by a couple, especially the couples who have been married for more than ten years or even longer, whether they are interests or human feelings.People continue to live in the name of husband and wife, and they feel impossible themselves. Therefore, in social life, a "divorce inseparable home" appears.

The couple who received the marriage certificate still lived together because the house was unable to divide the common property of the two, but also for the psychology of the child.However, a mixed family in this model also has a lot of contradictions due to the complexity of the relationship. In addition to economic disputes, some even involve emotional disputes.

In Jiangxi, there was a couple on TV because of many divorce and marriage, because the complex emotional entanglement between the two coupled with the "divorce inseparable home" behavior, it also caused heated discussion among netizens within a certain range.Let’s take a look at the original committee of the whole thing.

(The following cases are all adopted by a pseudonym. If it is simply a coincidence, please do not get a seat. Some pictures source networks, only cooperate with narrative)

The couple in the case have been married for ten years. The wife’s name is Wang Li, the husband is called Ling Feng, and Wang Li and Ling Feng are not only the relationship between husband and wife, but also a partnership in their careers.After getting married, they had two daughters together. In order to give their children a better life, the couple kicked off with several other partners.

Because the investment occupies the big head, the actual responsible person of the company is Ling Feng, and his wife Wang Li handles some daily affairs in the company. One of the partners of the company also works in the company. Wang Li and her conflict in business.Because some things are often scattered, Wang Li’s temperament is also relatively hot, because of her contradiction with her many times, Ling Feng has many times, but Ling Feng has not been like his wife’s intention for the overall situation. ThereforeThe wife felt that her husband was obviously turned elbow to turn out, and the knot of the husband and wife formed.

In addition to this accident, the fuse that caused the quarrel between the two husbands and wives was a chat record in Lingfeng’s mobile phone, which was the chat with Ling Feng and his former girlfriend that Wang Li inadvertently discovered.Seeing that her husband and ex -girlfriend even had a connection, Wang Li’s temperament came up directly, a small noise in three days, and a big noise in five days. Wang Li liked to hang "divorce" on his mouth as soon as he quarreled.Ling Feng also felt that there was no meaning. When Wang Li had a divorce to the sixth time, he directly agreed.

The two divorced in 2015. They did not agree with the family members of both parties this time, but both were at the explosive point. It seemed that they could not step down without divorce.It’s right.But not long after the divorce, Wang Li regretted it again, because she found that the child had no father, and it didn’t take long after the divorce, there was another woman around Ling Feng’s side.After the sense of crisis, she took the opportunity to get married again with another round of persuasion of her family.

But even if they remarried, Wang Li still felt that her husband’s heart was no longer on her body, so she began to suspect, often asking her husband’s whereabouts, and even hiding her husband to install monitoring in the car, or even tracking.Such behaviors have seriously interfered with Ling Feng’s life and work. He couldn’t stand it. There was no contradiction between the two people, and it was further intensified.

It didn’t take long for the couple to be better, and once again returned to the kind of quarrel, and sometimes even fell in the middle of the night, which not only affected the family life of the couple, but also caused trouble to the nearby neighbors.The police also became the guests of their family, but even if the police intervened, the contradiction between the two still did not reconcile.

Wang Li always feels that her husband will be emotional and not to fall in love. I do n’t know that Wang Li ’s behavior is actually pushing her husband further and farther.In fact, the author believes that Wang Li and worry that their husbands will be taken away by another more attractive woman, it is better to find a way to improve herself.People are just paper tigers.

However, Wang Li blindly used the wrong way to maintain his marriage. The more and more outrageous, the more and more outrageous Ling Feng was tired. He proposed another divorce. This time, Wang Li naturally did not agree, but Ling Feng was not like likeThe first time he was simply angry, this time he considered a lot before he made up his mind. Wang Li did not agree, and Ling Feng chose to divorce the lawsuit directly.

Divorce in lawsuits refers to the general method adopted when the couple divorced whether to divorce whether to divorce, or when there are differences in property, child custody, etc., that is, to sue the court and fight divorce lawsuit.

Generally, the court will mediate before the trial. Judging from the situation of Wang Li’s husband and wife, the general mediation is useless. The two can only have a dignitarian.According to judicial practice, if the reason for divorce is not serious, the first lawsuit is not agreed if the reason for divorce is not serious, so it is very likely that the second lawsuit is very likely, and the second lawsuit of the same reason for the same reason will be performed at the same reasons.Generally, after half a year, Ling Feng survived the lawsuit for half a year and finally succeeded. The two left for the second time.

After the divorce, Ling Feng moved directly out, and soon he had a new girlfriend, and lived in the home of the new girlfriend, but because Wang Li often came to make trouble, the new girlfriend was uncomfortable, and Ling Feng was divided by Ling Feng unilaterally.In his hand, Ling Feng was driven out. Ling Feng, who had nowhere to go, could only live with Wang Li. The two lived a life of "divorce without leaving home".

Wang Li has always wanted to remarry, but Ling Feng was unwilling, and there was a contradiction between the two. After that, Wang Li found that she was pregnant again. The child was naturally Ling Feng.Broken, Wang Li felt that this was a good opportunity to remarry, and even made the media.

The couple are in their forties in their forties. The arrival of this child is undoubtedly a heavy burden, but if Wang Li insists on giving birth, although the two are in a divorce state, Ling Feng is still responsible, because in the "Civil Code"Among them, there is a clear stipulation that non -marriage children have the same rights as children of marriage, and no organization or individual may be harmful and discriminated.And for non -marriage and child, both parents still have obligations such as raising education and cannot refuse to bear in any form.Even if you do not raise it, you need to pay the corresponding support fee.

Therefore, as far as the child’s problem is concerned, Ling Feng is still responsible. As for the emotional entanglement between the husband and wife, it still depends on the amount of negotiation between the two.Both Ling Feng and Wang Li are for their own interests. Deception is the nature of human nature and the ugliest and most selfish side. I hope that the two will calm down and carefully discuss the future plan. After all, it is not a way to quarrel.

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