The husband died, the woman’s dream was pregnant, and the child who gave birth was not a person

A beautiful woman lived on the small village under Zhushan called Cuihua.Cuihua was originally a daughter of a rich man. He was rich in life and was very popular with the rich.The rich also intends to assign her to the wealthy people to marry.

Unfortunately, Cuihua prefers his own family’s family. Later, regardless of the objection of the rich, he elope with his family and returned to the small village born in Jiading.

The name of the family is Mu Yuan, but it is very handsome, but unfortunately, the family is poor, and it is an unreliable orphan.Fortunately, Jia Ding is very good to Cuihua, and everything is based on her.Therefore, Cuihua also lived very happily.

It’s just that this happy time is finally short. After marriage, because of the poor family, Mu Yuan had to go to the mountain to cut firewood to maintain his livelihood.Once, when Mu Yuan went to the mountain to cut firewood, he accidentally met the wolf group. He desperately resisted, but after all, the double punch was difficult to fight for four hands.

Mu Yuan was exhausted, and when he was discovered by the hunter on the mountain, his body was already full of wounds.The hunter quickly killed the wolf group, and then sent Mu Yuan home.It’s just that Mu Yuan’s injury is too severe, and the family can have a lot of money to treat Mu Yuan.And his family is too far away from the Cuihua’s family, and no one in the family can take care of Mu Yuan.

In this way, Mu Yuan died of illness.After Mu Yuan died, Cuihua lived alone on the village.Because of her beautiful appearance, Cuihua was harassed by the bachelor in the village from time to time, making her annoying.She could have returned to the rich man’s house like this.But when she thought of what she came out, she couldn’t wipe her face, so she went back without everything.

Shortly after Mu Yuan’s death, a strange thing happened on Cuihua’s body, that is, she dreamed after she fell asleep every night. In her dream, she was pregnant in October, but she was born, but she was not a normal child., But a snake.

Whenever she saw the snake, Cuihua woke up by frightening. After waking up, she was sweaty.Such dreams have continued. Cuihua has no familiar people in the village, and dare not ask those villagers, so they can only bear silently.

After a while, when Cuihua squatted down and washing his clothes, he suddenly found that his belly seemed to get a bit bigger.Thinking of the scene in the dream, all the things that Cuihua scared fell to the ground.She couldn’t care about picking up, so she hurried back home.

As time passed, Cuihua’s belly was getting bigger and bigger. I was afraid of attracting people. Cuihua had never been out for a long time in white. Only when the night was quiet, Cuihua would go out to eat in the vegetable field.Because the belly is getting bigger and bigger, Cuihua walks very hard, let alone take care of vegetables.Therefore, there are fewer and fewer vegetables in the vegetable field today, and it is gone.

On this night, Cuihua suddenly felt a pain in the abdomen, and she fell to the ground instantly. At this moment, she felt that her body seemed to be torn by something, and she couldn’t wait to die.Cuihua fainted and woke up again.

I don’t know how long it has passed. Finally, she felt that her whole body was light, and something slipped out of her body.She looked down and looked at her big pair of bright eyes.At this moment, she finally understood. It turned out that what was in her belly was a child, and she was not the same as a snake in the dream.

Later, Cuihua’s father found it. When he learned that his son -in -law was dead, his daughter had given birth to the child, so she picked up her daughter home.

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