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This group of beauties like flowers and jade have been raised in Baihuafang, embroidered building since the age of 12.

From then on, you have eaten vegetarian, drinking snow, wearing silk, and pillowing jade. He never contacts people outside, so he brings a binding body fragrance of ice and clear jade.

On weekdays, they are dignified and elegant, gentle and quiet, but today they are specially dressed up, because Jiang An, the young master of Baihuafang.

They changed their presence and began to fight and began to fight. They all hoped to get the favor of the young master. Even pouring tea for Jiang’an could squeeze their heads and compete for this opportunity.

Every girl wants to leave a deep impression on Jiang’an, but Jiang’an is fascinated by the humble begonia.

The first time she met was deeply attracted by her temperament, she couldn’t move her eyes again.

The seven fairies carefully cultivated by Mrs. Jiang have arrived, and she announced a public news in public.

The young master Jiang An returned home this time, not only to live a life for his mother, but also to marry him.

In accordance with the rules set by the ancestors, one of the 7 embroidery women should be selected as the wife of the river bank, and it will be passed on to the Baihuafang.

The position of Grandma Baihuafang has a fatal attraction for the embroidered girls.

Before waiting for Mrs. Jiang to survive, someone broke down.

Embroidery: This piece of flowers are gorgeous, and Peony has worked hard for more than a month. When I planned to make a congratulatory gift when the old lady passed the life, I did not know which hand was cheap. It was destroyed.

It is peony that cuts bad embroidery. She is a remote relative of Mrs. Jiang. She is also the cousin of Jiang’an. Relying on this family of relatives, she thinks that she can get a moon first.

So it is never allowed, her embroidered woman’s performance exceeds herself.

Peony: The young grandmother of Baihuafang still can’t turn you to do it, but my aunt, how can fat water flow to you in your wild fields.

The peony fighter bullying, anger her embroidered woman. Several people were disagreed, and they hit it. In the end, it was in front of Mrs. Jiang.

The daughter -in -law of Mrs. Jiang must be a large -scale, and she knows the internal assistance of the sage, rather than the little bird who counts on people everywhere.

She was disappointed with the performance of the peony. When she was angry, she locked her into the backyard firewood.

It seems that the peony has lost the qualification for campaign. Among the rest, the most promising is lilac.

Lilac is the big embroidery woman in Baihuafang. She has the trust of Mrs. Jiang.

According to the convention, at the birthday party of Mrs. Jiang, the seven fairies will prepare their respective embroidery as a congratulatory gift, and this is an excellent opportunity for lilac.

She is thousands of defense, but she doesn’t want someone to grab her limelight.

So two stitches were placed on an embroidery of an embroidered woman in advance.

The embroidered woman did not know. As a result, when the gift was presented, she broke Mrs. Jiang’s fingers. In this way, she was unknowingly unknowingly, and Lilac killed another competitor.

It was just that she didn’t expect that Begonia actually used the kung fu of Baihuafang’s bottom box -the finishing touch, and her embroidery attracted two butterflies.

In the past, Baihuafang’s dragon robe embroidered in the Qing Dynasty used the eye -catching embroidery method to let the dragon and phoenix live flexibly.

Mrs. Jiang has not seen this embroidery many years, so she praises the performance of Begonia.

Begonia was well -behaved and docile on weekdays. I did not expect that this time she overtaked. The embroidered women thought that her modesty was disguised. The real purpose was to get the position of the young grandma.

Their hatred for Begonia is getting deeper and deeper. The most vicious of them is Lilac. She even bought a servant to apply medicine for Begonia’s meals.

Lilac: If a man eats his body, a woman will be as big as pregnant, at least two months to disappear.

It was just that when the servant got the medicine, he accidentally became a cream of poisonous mice. Begonia almost lost his life after eating.

Thanks to Jiang’an to the hospital in time, the consequences are unimaginable.

Lilac’s harmful affairs was finally revealed.

Mrs. Jiang couldn’t stand this kind of ruthless embroidered girl, and rushed her to the backyard and made a rough girl with laundry.

Under the care of the river bank, Begonia slowly recovered his health, but no matter how hard he worked, he could not win the heart of Begonia.

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