The ignorant mother swallowed 22 contraceptives during pregnancy and gave birth to a silly son

Wuhan Evening News (WeChat ID: whwb82333333) (Reporter Wuye Correspondent Liu Shuangqi) swallowed 22 contraceptives "abortion" during pregnancy. I did not expect that the child did not kill it.Today, Ms. Yang, 62, has her hair and she is still unable to forgive the ridiculous things she has done that year.

Ms. Yang lived in Huangpi, and she lived in farming.At that time, she gave birth to three daughters one after another after marriage, and she endured a lot of pressure.Ms. Yang told reporters that when she was pregnant with three daughters, she many times dreamed of the scene of picking gardenia flowers.Therefore, when she dreamed of gardenia again during her fourth pregnancy, Ms. Yang was convinced that this child was a girl again!

I heard that taking contraceptives can abortion, Ms. Yang has a terrible idea, and she swallowed 22 contraceptives at once.However, the child was eventually born and was a boy.Due to the behavior of a confused mother, the child was judged to have intellectual obstacles, epilepsy, and pneumonia after birth.Today, the 36 -year -old army weighs 280 pounds, but it is soaked in the medicine jar all year round.

Ms. Yang said that when Xiaojun was 10 years old, the child’s father died of a car accident.Today, the mother and son can receive a minimum guarantee of 600 yuan per month, which is just enough for the small army’s medicinal costs.In 2012, Xiaojun detected kidney stones in the local hospital due to pain in the back of the back, but it had not been treated due to family difficulties.Last week, his abdominal pain intensified, and he had symptoms of urination. Ms. Yang took the 4,000 yuan borrowed and took his son to Wuhan Kyoto Hospital for help.

The inspection showed that the lower part of the small army was blocked by a stones with a diameter of 1.3 cm, which caused the urine to "water the golden mountains".Hu Junchun, director of urinary stones of Kyoto Stone Disease Hospital in Wuhan, overcame many difficulties in the maternity of Zhou Lei, deputy director, and successfully removed the "road block" through the urethra.After learning the difficulties of the parties, the hospital was removed from all his treatment costs.

The reporter asked Deng Siying, the head of the Pharmacy Department of Wuhan First Hospital yesterday that of the five grades of pregnancy drugs, oral contraceptives belonged to the X -level X of pregnant women.In addition to oral contraceptives, the same pharmaceuticals of the X -level also include sleeping pills mimzzoleon, blood lipid drug Attin, Fluzetine, anticoagulant Hua Farin, etc.

(Edit: Ye Feng)

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