The impact of high fever in pregnant women on the fetus

Medical scientist Xu Zhicai emphasized: "In February, the child was fine in the cells, and when carefully, don’t be surprised." It means that during the two months of pregnancy, the fetal essence of the fetus is generated in the mother’s cell palace, and must be generated by the mother’s cell palace. It must be necessary.Care, don’t start to alarm him casually.At this time, the embryo not only had a huge change in shape, but also felt the stimulus of the outside world. The expectant mothers could not think that the fetus had not been taken for a short time.

High fever high fever on the fetus has a teratogenic effect on the fetus

If the body temperature of the expectant mother is 1,4 ° C higher than the normal body temperature, the fetal malformation can be induced.The sensitive time of expectant mothers for thermal stimulus is in the first three months of pregnancy.

If the embryo is in a high temperature environment in the early pregnancy, the embryonic cells will stop splitting, especially the central nervous system of the fetus is the most vulnerable to damage, causing abnormalities, and severe cases can cause embryo death.

Pregnant women who continue to take 40 to 60 minutes during pregnancy during pregnancy, the abnormal rate has increased significantly.Although the organs of the fetus in the middle of pregnancy are basically formed, it is unlikely that large structural malformations will occur, but fever can damage the fetal brain.As a result, children’s epilepsy and intelligence are low.

The embryo development is about 6 weeks, and severe high fever (2-3 ° C per day, 1 hour) can cause fetal head malformation and intellectual disorders; in the first three months of pregnancy, the expectant mother will heat up 38.9 ° C, which lasts for 1 day for 1 dayOr longer, you can cause fetal malformations.In addition to sauna and hot water, illness is also the cause of the fever of pregnant women.Diseases that cause fever include influenza, renal Mengyhenitis chain -based pharyngitis.Therefore, in the early pregnancy, expectant mothers should be treated as soon as possible.

Low -thermal treatment (below 38 ° C)

Don’t be nervous when expectant mothers are low, find the cause, and treat symptomatic treatment.If it is caused by low heat caused by a cold, drink plenty of water, take vitamin C, cold granules, etc., and generally rest, generally healing quickly.

High fever treatment (higher than 38 ° C)

When the expectant mothers have high fever, they should take physical cooling methods as soon as possible, such as wet towels cold compresses, alcoholic bathing, etc. You can give clean cold drinks in a hot day. If necessary, you can use Bupleurum injection to try not to use western medicine to retreat the hot needle or degenerate tablet.When choosing antipyretic drugs.Drugs that have no effect on the fetus should be selected.

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