The important matters and nutritional food of the 31st weeks of pregnancy, how to alleviate the shortness of breath

When you meet your baby, you are getting closer and closer. Have you started preparing small clothes and daily necessities for your baby with excitement. I believe you must feel very happy at this time.

This week, you will continue to experience the fun of communicating with your baby. When you shoot the belly with a flashlight, your baby will turn his head to follow this "little sun", and may even reach out to touch.All this will make you feel incredible. The baby is trying to grow in his stomach. He has begun to take the initiative to explore the outside world and be preparing for birth. Mom cheer up with the baby!

important hint

Pregnant women with pre -placenta: Pay more attention now, and do not do severe exercise to prevent vaginal bleeding."Pre -placenta" mostly occurs on excessive children, too close, and multiple abortion or endometrial damage, and pregnant women with uterine fibroids. Such a cesarean section should be used as a cesarean section when giving birth.

31 weeks of fetal fetus pictures

The 31 weeks of fetal lungs and digestive systems have basically developed, and their growth rates have slowed down and their weight increases rapidly.The baby weighs about 1.59 kg from head to hip minister.

This week, the fetus’s eyes were closed when the eyes were opened. He probably could see the scene in the uterus, and could also distinguish between light and dark, and even tracked the light source.If you use a small hand -electrode, the fetus will turn your head to follow this light, and you may even stretch out your hands to touch.

Now the baby’s eyes are beginning to have colors, but the real color will only show 6 to 9 months after birth. This is because the pigment in the eyes needs to be seen before it will show the real color.His eyelids are often opened when they are active, and they are closed while sleeping.

You may have a change at this time:

As the fetus increased, his activity space in the uterus became smaller and smaller, and the fetal movement decreased.At this time, the uterus has risen to the diaphragm, and the expectant mothers will feel more difficult to breathe, and they can’t breathe, but about 34 weeks, the fetal head of the fetus begins to fall and enter the pelvis. At that time, you will feel that breathing is smooth.too much.

Some expectant mothers will have palpitations or difficulty breathing.The pressure of the uterus to the stomach makes it easy for expectant mothers to have a sense of fullness. The amount of eating at each time is reduced.

4 things you have to do

1. Regularly monitor the amount of amniotic fluid water

As the baby’s weight is getting larger and larger, there is less and less space in the uterus, and the amount of amniotic fluid will change.Too much amniotic fluid or too little amniotic fluid can affect the baby’s development, and seriously causes fetal death.Therefore, during this period, expectant mothers should pay special attention to the changes in amniotic fluid and go to the hospital for examination. If you feel that your stomach is too tight or the fetal activity is too frequent, you must go to the hospital in time.

2. Adjust your mood and relax your body and mind

During pregnancy, the mood of pregnant women is easy to fluctuate, and maintaining stable emotions is important to pregnant women and fetuses.However, negative emotions such as irritability, uneasiness, and nervousness not only are not good for the fetus, but also cause physical and mental pressure on pregnant women.

3. Maintain good living habits

With the increase of pregnancy, expectant mothers will face more problems in their lives, such as poor sleep, more bulky their bodies, and too lazy to exercise. The original laws of life are broken. At this timeLiving habits are easier and more interesting to make your pregnancy.If your life becomes a bit confusing due to pregnancy, try to adjust it.

4. Pay attention to safety in short travel

Entering the 31st week, the prospective mothers are not convenient to act. Long -distance travel is obviously inappropriate, but there is no problem with short -distance travel.Specific mothers can go to places with quiet and good air quality in the botanical gardens, suburbs, etc., as long as they are not too tired.At the same time, the transportation selected by travel must ensure safety.

The question you may face

■ Puffed hands and feet is getting worse

Since entering 31 weeks, some pregnant women have obviously appeared on foot edema, especially when they are swollen at night, and they feel painful with their hands. Here are some ways to reduce puffiness to expectant mothers.

Recommended for your nutritional food

Putcaa catfish

Main ingredients: 350 grams of catfish, 2OO grams of essence, 100 grams of oil, a little onion ginger, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, MSG.


① The catfish surrounds the back, digs off the internal organs, washed, and scrapes a few knives on the body.

② Cut the flesh into fine pens, mix the salt and monosodium glutamate, and stuff it into the mouth of the catfish back.

③ After a moment, cook the fish in the pan, cook on both sides, and add cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, soup.

④ Boil the cover for 20 minutes, add MSG and pour a small amount of oil to the pan.Features: The taste of catfish is delicious, the meat is tender, and it has a certain effect on the edema during pregnancy.

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