The Jiangxi Rice Store eats rice noodles for free, and can receive 890,000 money in one year!What kind of way is so wild?

The case brought to you today is: Jiangxi has such a rice noodle shop using the creative activity of "free rice noodles" to collect 890,000 stories in just one year.

Boss Zhang was from an ordinary salary family in Jiangxi. He worked hard in the city for more than ten years. From an ordinary employee to the department manager. As competition increased, he clearly felt the bottleneck of his career.So Boss Zhang wanted to have his own career and did not want to work for others.

After careful consideration, he resigned from a stable job and decided to return to his hometown to start a business and open a rice noodle shop.Due to the food in his hometown, especially the fragrant rice noodles, he hopes to promote these foods to a wider market through his own efforts.

In order to prepare for opening a store, he went to learn to learn art, and he continued to try to improve the formula; he did his best to choose the location of the store, driving an electric car back and forth for a few days, observing the traffic of each streetJust to choose a suitable position.

After hard work, the store finally opened up. During the operation, Boss Zhang encountered the biggest problem since his startup -no customer, and the most important thing is that there are some old -fashioned rice noodles around his shop, facing facingGreat competitive pressure.In order to prevent the shops that have just started business, Boss Zhang decided to do a bold activity: free to eat rice noodles for free.

First of all, this free rice noodle is not a free rice noodle with unconditional unlimited amount without time limit, but has certain rules and restrictions.The bowl of rice noodles that are eaten for free is a vegetarian rice noodle. If the customer wants to add meat or other side dishes, it will be paid.When the customer finishes the rice noodle, the customer is invited to play some games. As long as the customer uses a bowl of a bowl of small balls (the small ball with a number) in a bowl in 30 seconds, each small ball represents a discount on a discountThe ratio or amount ranges from 10 % to 10 %, and may even have a full -free or half -price order.

Customers can hold multiple small balls, but they can only choose one of the small balls as the final coupon.Customers can enjoy delicious rice noodles as long as they pay at the price on the small ball.This can not only greatly strengthen the customer’s experience, but also leave a deep impression on customers.

The "small trick" adopted in the case is a small part of the marketing wisdom included in this column. If you are now in difficulty now, if you lack customers, if your products can not be sold, you can find whether there is any concentration in the column.If you are suitable for your own industry, see how smart people do business.

Only one and a half months were carried out in the event, and Boss Zhang attracted thousands of customers. The shop was "famous overnight" and became the hottest rice noodle shop in Fangyuan.Seeing this, someone will definitely calculate how this boss makes money?Although it is said that rice noodles are sold out, it is costly to eat rice noodles and discount discounts for free. Can this boss really make money?Next, let’s analyze how boss Zhang made money.

The cost of a beam noodle is about 3 yuan, which means that the actual cost expenditure of Boss Zhang is more than 4,000 yuan. It can take more than 1,000 customers to spend more than 4,000 yuan.Bar?After the event, these more than 1,000 customers will spend a bowl of rice noodles again in the next year. Can Boss Zhang be able to return it?

It is normal for a bowl of rice noodles to make 2 yuan for 2 yuan. More than 1,000 customers assume that a customer will spend about 6 times on average.Yuan, then after a year, is the net profit of Boss Zhang 25,9200 yuan.

And for Boss Zhang, more than 1,000 customers will definitely introduce what kind of category will be introduced. In this way, in fact, the number of boss Zhang is far more than 1,000, and the recent profit after a year is far from 25.Ten thousand.

This is just the income of buying rice noodles. Some customers will definitely buy drinks in the process of eating rice noodles. They will definitely add some side dishes and the like?Is this a profitable point for boss Zhang?

As long as it is attracted to the customer, there are too many profitable points for Boss Zhang. In addition, in the course below, Boss Zhang can at least dig out three profit points. This is a smart person.The way to make money, the business is multiplied and diverse.

The reason why the bosses can’t make money are just because you don’t have the way to make money.Take Boss Zhang as an example. It is also selling rice noodles. Boss Zhang can make so many profitable points, but you are still suffering from selling rice noodles to make a addition, the course also covers more than 600 stores and more than 1,000 sets of activity templates. There is always one suitable for you, real, effective, and easy to copy. You must learn.

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