The junior girl dormitory has a child, gave birth to 9 pounds of heavy boys, and roommates calmly watch: already the third child

With the progress of society, people’s thoughts have become more and more open, and even college students have given birth to children directly in the dormitory.In the past, if a college student was pregnant, it was generally fired by the school, and even the parents would be under tremendous pressure. They had to send their children to the nursery and raise their children.

However, there are some unfavorable places to have children in the dormitory, such as the limited space of the dormitory and cannot meet the children’s growth needs; the environment in the dormitory is not ideal, such as no nutritional supply;Enough guardians to take care of the children and do not have enough daily necessities to take care of the children.

Not long ago, this news came out in our school. A junior female student gave birth to a baby boy in the dormitory. It is said that the due date of this female student has not yet arrived. When going to the toilet in the dormitoryAfter falling off, the baby fell into the toilet. At that time, the classmates in the dormitory immediately hit 120 to save the child. Otherwise, the consequences were very serious.After treatment, I learned that the baby was still a boy. It weighed 9 pounds, which was really lucky.

Because the female student stole the forbidden fruit with the boy while studying at school, and then accidentally became pregnant, but the two young people were very kind in their hearts. They did not choose to abandon, but insisted on giving birth to the children. After all, two of them were born.People have also reached the age of childbearing, as long as they do not affect their studies.

Such heavy news immediately attracted media interviews.When the media interviewed the school students, a classmate directly answered the reporter with a smile. This is a normal thing. It is not a big deal, and he also said that this is already the third child in the school. There were other girls before before.Production in school dormitory.So in their opinion, there is nothing to accept as long as the love of each other is happy.

However, this incident was quickly fermented on the Internet. Many people think that going to college children has an influence on academics, and they cannot take care of the baby carefully.So where is the good or bad of having children during college?Today we will analyze in depth.

The benefits and disadvantages of having children when I was in college

In recent years, more and more college students have begun to have children when they are in college.On the one hand, this phenomenon may cause some prejudice and controversy, but on the other hand, it also reflects that people pay more and more attention to fertility issues and the rights and obligations of college students to have children.So, what are the benefits and disadvantages of having children when studying in college?

First of all, let’s take a look at the benefits of having children when I was in college.First, fertility during college helps to create a family environment for college students.A family environment can provide a sense of security for college students, allow them to better engage in learning and research, thereby improving learning efficiency.In addition, fertility can also provide social support for college students, so that family members can rely on when they encounter difficulties instead of isolation.In addition, it is also a financial support to give birth to children during college, which can help college students to reduce the burden of tuition.

Secondly, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of having children when I was in college.First, college students’ fertility will put pressure on their own learning and research.Because college students have to bear family responsibilities during their studies, they have to distract to take care of their babies, which affects their learning efficiency.In addition, college students will have economic pressure on them, because they have to pay more living expenses, such as more children to accompany, more food expenditure.In the end, college students may also affect their career development, because they cannot concentrate on pursuing their ideals like college students without children.

In general, there are many benefits to having children when studying in college, such as creating a family environment for college students, providing social support, and financial support.However, there are some disadvantages, such as stressing pressure to college students, stressing economic pressure to college students, and may affect the professional development of college students.Therefore, when college students decide whether they want to give birth, they should carefully consider their own situation and fully consider the future of children.Do you have a different view of love and having children during college?Can you accept this marriage?

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