The kitten vomiting suspects that it is related to taking a bath. After seven days, find a shop?

Xiaoxia in Hangzhou raised a Garfield.In the early morning of January 7, the cat had vomiting, and she suspected that it was caused by the bath on the 6th.

Xiao Xia’s cat is called "Dudu", more than 1 year old, and the little guy now looks pretty good.

Xiaoxia said that on January 6, she went to Longxiang Bridge to play, sent the cat to the element Meng pet shop on the 3rd floor of the CC shopping mall of the Federation of Industry, and bought some cat snacks in the store.Essence

Hold home at 5 pm that day, and at more than 2 am on the 7th, the cat was found to be right.

Xiao Xia: "It sounded loud when it vomited, and then woke up. The vomiting was vomiting about four to five times, and then went to the hospital for examination.The change is only a bath, it is suspected that the bath should be stimulated. "

Xiaoxia provided a medical record of a pet hospital with vomiting and waiting to be checked, stressing intestinal syndrome. There is one in the doctor’s order, which may stimulate the gastrointestinal discomfort.

Xiaoxia said that the infusion plus the film, which spent more than 2,500 yuan in a few days.

Xiaoxia: "When you might take a bath, the staff’s method is more uncomfortable, and then it is stressful (Did you take the cat to this shop to take a bath?)Come to take a bath on January 6th, is there anything different from before?) There is nothing different from. "

Xiao Dai, a staff member of the Hangzhou element Meng pet store: "Then we wash, we will not do what, just put it in the pool, right, right, what do we do not give it."

Manager Cai, the manager of Hangzhou Element Meng pet store: "I will say that the customers will say that the vaccine is full, is it a cat? After being washed half, when the beautician cuts toenails, we will look at this cat’s response, stress stress, stressThe response was very strong. We immediately called the customer to contact the customer, saying that our cat could not wash it, or confirmed that the cat last again. When is the bath, if the customer says half a year ago, I said that there may be stress. "

The store of the store responded on the phone that the clerk’s bathing the cat on the day was normal, and there was no problem when Xiaoxia took away.

Manager Cai, the manager of Hangzhou Element Meng pet shop: "Vomiting, she did not contact us for the first time. We don’t know what the cat is, because as a store, if you come to take a shower, we will pick it up. After taking a shower, we will give it.You, but why did you tell us about this situation after seven days? The generality of our pet industry is generally only seven days. Now you come to take a bath for the seventh day before telling me to get sick.The response, what did you eat to eat? I don’t know. Once the weather becomes cold, it is so cold a few days ago.

Manager Cai said that the store was monitored to the location of the pet. Xiaoxia suspected that it was caused by the bath, but it only said that the surveillance was covered after a week.Xiaoxia told reporters that "Dudu" vomited in the early morning of January 7th. She observed a day and took it to the hospital on the 8th.Pass.

Xiaoxia: "The store said that one is willing to fight and say that we go to them to spend, and he should say that he does not think this is caused by their bathing."

Boss Chen, the Hangzhou Element Meng Pet Store: "Do you think I will speak like this when I open the door to do business. The two mother and daughter talks about yin and yang weird, and I have no way. I went to some local shops to ask for their free experience.The coupon is 10, go to 58, 10, 10 580, take a bath 79 once, I give such a sincere processing plan. She said that I don’t want it, I don’t want your money.Well, I said that, you asked the doctor to issue a certificate, and then there was no following. "

Xiao Xia did not accept this plan and intends to reflect the situation to the market supervision department.

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