The last one is too unexpected!

When it comes to contraception, it must be a topic that many "children" are particularly concerned. If you are not careful, or the way you open the way, you may really be "recruiting" in minutes. Let me summarize some precautions for contraception and cherish life of life., A good contraception ~

It is better to choose a day. This time, let’s talk about what situations may make you get pregnant unexpectedly!

Play handsome, pack with teeth with teeth

Tooth tear condoms, wow, do you think you are making movies?If you accidentally tear the sleeve, you are happy, do you know?

The correct method: Each set has a clear opening logo, please open it according to the correct way.

Oil lubricant on the sleeve

Oil lubricant will decompose latex condoms, causing many tiny pores to increase the probability of contraceptive failure.

In fact, the lubricant is not as great as imagined, the degree of help is not too high, and it is easy to stimulate the vagina. It is not recommended.

Correct method: If you want to use a lubricant, you can choose a water -based lubricant or silicon lubricant.

Use expired sleeves

The condom is also valid.If you see him pulling out an old old set from the deepest sandwich, take a closer look at the valid date.

Once the condom expires, latex may be aging and lose elasticity, and it is easy to crack.And long -term condoms with high temperature or low -temperature environment may occur before the valid date.

Correct method: Use one with one with one. If you want to store it for a long time, the money clip is not a good choice, the buttock temperature is high … Please store the sleeve in a cool and dry place.

Leave space at the top of the sleeve

The front end of the sleeve has a pointed storage capsule.Before use, tighten the seminal vesicles to ensure that there is no air residue in it, otherwise the sperm may overflow from the two sides of the sleeve after ejaculation.The effect of contraception will be much worse.

The correct method: hold the storage seminal sac in one hand, and put the condom down the other hand down.This can ensure that the front end of the sleeve is in a vacuum state, and there is sufficient storage space inside the ejaculation.

No protective behavior during menstruation

You don’t need to wear a set of menstrual behavior, right?Innocent!Sperm will not die at once, and the menstrual period is not an absolute safety period. Sperm can survive in the female body for up to 5 days. In case your partner ovulates in advance after menstruation, and your sperm is just dead.Then win the prize ~

The correct method: wear a sleeve!Wear!Wear!

No protective behavior during lactation

Do not conceive during breastfeeding?After all, women’s physiological performance is not the same as normal women. No response to menstruation does not mean that no ovulation is ovulated.Too much will cause young mothers to conceive Erbao when she is breastfeeding.

Theoretically, breastfeeding can reduce the possibility of ovulation, but it cannot prevent ovulation 100%.Some women judge whether ovulation is ovulation with postpartum recovery menstruation. In fact, most people have ovulated before recovering menstruation.

The correct method: Don’t be too naive, just bring it alone ~

Safety Period contraceptive

As a girl, I fully understand my body and know that my rough ovulation date is to protect myself.But if you want to use the peaceful (danger) period (danger) period to contraceence …

Hum, don’t forget what Xiao Jian said earlier, sperm can survive in women for 5 days. Most women’s ovulation is not particularly stable. It will be affected by climate and emotion.The period is rarely existed, so this method is reliable ~

What?Do you tell me that you / your friend / next to Pharaoh has always used this method?I often walk by the river, how can there be no wet shoes.

The correct method: Do I repeat it again?

Dressed in underwear

Even if there is no insertion, it may cause pregnancy. This behavior can only happen to children who are not deeply involved in the world. Many boys will not be able to control it, so that sperm will penetrate outside the panties, and if they are not careful, they will be accidentally.Conducting the vagina and causing pregnancy.

The correct method: It is better to bring a good set for a long time.

Use emergency contraceptives afterwards

Although the emergency contraceptive pill is not stronger than that, its contraceptive efficiency is only 95%, and the later the effectiveness is worse.

Many impulsive babies will use emergency contraceptives. Xiaojian recommends that the emergency contraceptives must not be used in less than a last resort.

Take contraceptives on time

Needless to say, even if you take short -acting contraceptives on time every day, 100% effective contraceptives cannot be guaranteed.In any case, in case, condoms, in -palaces, and long -acting contraceptive needles may also have a small probability failure.The only 100% effective way is … abstinence.

Vasure tube ligation

Lice, it sounds great?In the early years, men encouraged men to ligation, but there may be some of the surgery failure. After men have just finished ligments, it is recommended to continue to use other contraceptive methods for a period of time to ensure that there is no sperm in the vasal pipe.There are also very small possibilities, and the ligation parts may be resumed.

Tubal ligation

Washing tube ligation, as the most insurance contraceptive method, its efficiency is not 100%, and it is still possible to reinstate.

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