The little girl’s stomach pain was 7 months pregnant, and the doctor was stunned!Who is your father’s father?

"She has been pregnant for 7 months!" In 1939, a little girl in Peru kept her stomachache, and her parents took her to the hospital for examination.Unexpectedly, the results of the examination shocked the doctor’s chin!

This is a real story. In 1939, a Peruvian girl named Lina Medina, because her belly was increasing, her parents thought it was a tumor, so she took her to come toHospital examination.

Unexpectedly, the doctor was surprised to say, "Is our examination wrong? She is pregnant, it has been 7 months!"

This news makes Linna’s parents incredible!Subsequently, his parents rushed to a large hospital in Lima, the capital, and found a famous doctor Jeral Herado Losada for help.

However, after a series of careful examinations, Losada, a doctor who has been doing a lifetime, is also incredible!Because after repeated inspections, the final conclusion confirmed that Little Lena was really pregnant!Linna’s parents were surprised and incredible. She once suspected that the doctor had a wrong examination. After repeated confirmation, Linna’s parents had to accept the fact that Linna was pregnant.

One and a half months later, on May 14th, Mother’s Day, Lena appeared in labor.So the doctor had a caesarean surgery for her, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and became the youngest mother in the world.Linna’s pregnancy caused the uproar in society. Many people care about who the children’s father is, but the police investigation did not draw conclusions.After the doctor conducted a series of inspections on Linna, she found that she had a rare "precocious puberty" disease, but the specific reason has not yet been determined.

Lena’s father has to believe this time, the older daughter made herself a grandfather!

"Premature premature" is a disease that affects children’s physical development. It allows children to have premature sexual characteristics and menstruation during the normal growth stage.It is more common in girls, and it is rare in boys.

Under normal circumstances, the adolescence of girls starts between 8 and 13 years old, while the boy’s adolescence is later than girls, usually between 9 and 14 years old.However, if children have sexual characteristics such as breast development, pubic hair growth, and menstrual tide before they are 7 years old, they can be diagnosed as "precocious puberty".

There are many different reasons for "sexual precocity", including adrenal or glandular tumors, thyroid problems, brain injury or disease, and so on.At that time, Linna’s situation was caused by some hormones.

After being disclosed by the news of "Linna’s pregnancy", it caused a great uproar in society. Everyone is more concerned about who is Linna’s father’s father?

After knowing that Linna was pregnant, not only did various news media scrambled to interview, but the police also involved in the investigation, including Linna’s parents have been asking Xiaolina to try to find out the person who violated Linna.

So all kinds of speculations were full of streets and alleys. Some people suspected that they were young people who played with Linna, and some speculated that it was the village chief, and some people directly said that Linna’s father, Fernando.

But after the police investigation, all kinds of suspicions were excluded one by one, only to ask Linna.Although Lena has developed her body, after all, she is just a child. No matter how she asked, she couldn’t ask why she was so anxious that she only knew that she cried.

Looking at Xiao Linna’s pitiful and ignorant look, everyone knows, maybe it wasn’t Linna’s concealment, she just didn’t know what was violated.Maybe the child is forgotten, and it really does not remember what happened.

This incident caused a sensation at the time and became a global eye.Linna and her children have also become the target of various media.However, Linna and her family do not want this to become their symbol, and they want to live a normal life.

Linna’s physical condition has not improved well.After giving birth, her body was greatly affected, and her body was very weak, and she needed to be taken care of frequently.Finally, he grew up with his son as a sister.

Slowly, Linna’s pregnancy and child were out of their sight.However, Lena later recalled that when she was a child, she was taken away by the Indian carnival.

I just did not expect that she had "precocious" body, but recorded the ugly side of human nature in the way of adults.This pair of parents rushed to take care of their children.

At that time, Lena could not understand the harm caused to herself because of her age, but the harm to the entire family was huge.

Linna’s parents regretted their lives because of the negligence of her daughter, and Linna’s son did not know who her father was in her life, and Lena would have a great shadow in her heart.

In our lives, there are still things that invade young children. Therefore, the education of children’s self -protection consciousness is particularly important, and parents’ care for their children should be more careful to avoid children from being harmed!

The violation of children is a serious criminal act that can bring unimaginable trauma and injuries to the victims and their families.In terms of preventing such incidents, it is really important to educate children’s sense of self -protection.

First of all, parents should provide their children a safe and healthy environment and always pay attention to their children’s safety.Parents should educate their children how to protect themselves, tell them what behaviors are unsafe, and how to avoid and respond to unsafe.Parents can also strengthen their children’s self -protection awareness and skills through communication and discussion with their children.

Secondly, society should also take responsibility to protect children.Government and social organizations should provide necessary resources and services to prevent and cope with children’s violations.At the same time, strengthen the crackdown on criminal behavior of infringing children, increase the cost of illegal costs, and safeguard children’s rights and safety.

In short, preventing children’s violations is a career that requires the work of the whole society.Each of us should try our best to protect and follow the children around us to ensure that they can grow up healthily and safely.

This story has aroused the attention and inquiry of precocious puberty, and also reminds people to pay attention to their children’s health and development.


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