The luteal rupture cannot ignore the 26 -year -old woman who shed half of her body and half of her body.

Director Wu Maihua is preparing before surgery.

Director Wu Chahua performed surgery for the patient.

Red Net Moment News October 18 (Correspondent Huang Ying) Recently, Ms. Changsha Zhong accompanied her boyfriend to the gynecological diagnosis area of Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Changsha.She bent down, covering her lower abdomen tightly with her hands, and the situation looked very critical.Baijialia quickly carried out first aid green channels.

Director Liu Huayu of the gynecological department quickly checked Ms. Zhong. The diagnosis of abdominal muscles was tight, and tenderness and pain were obvious. The patient diagnosed the patient to break and bleed the follicles or luteum.I couldn’t help it, so I came to the hospital for treatment.The situation was urgent, and Director Liu urgently arranged for Ms. Zhong’s B -ultrasound.Through the ultrasound examination, there was a pack of Ms. Zhong’s on left attachment area. There were medium -sized effusion in the pelvic abdominal cavity. Wu Jianhua, director of the gynecological hospital department, heard the news and rushed to the scene.

In order to save time, surgery as soon as possible, rescue life, doctors and nurses work in two lines in two lines, establish venous channels, blood draw tests, doctors, pre -operation, etc.Promote the operating room.Due to the initial consideration of the ovarian luteal rupture and hemorrhage, laparoscopic detection is needed, and Director Wang Dijian of Anesthesiology is also quickly in place.

During the operation, under the shadow light, Director Wu opened the patient’s abdominal cavity. It can be seen that the left ovarian luteal cyst is about 5x4cm, the surface is about 2*2cm, and there are bright red blood flowing out.Director Wu Chahua performed a laparoscopy for patients with laparoscopy+electrocoagulation hemostasis+left ovarian repair.During the process, Ms. Zhong’s life signs were stable and surgery was smooth.

After the operation, Ms. Zhong anesthered anesthesia, her condition was stable, and she was transferred to the ward for follow -up healing.Changsha Baijiali Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital warmly reminds that luteal rupture is one of the common abdomen common abdomen in gynecology. It is common in women aged 20 to 40 years old.Shock, even life -threatening.It is best not to perform strenuous exercise within a week before menstruation, and sexual life must be mild. Once the abdominal pain is painful after exercise or sexual life, they should stop, rest on the spot and seek medical treatment in time.

When is the luteal period:

The luteal period generally refers to the 15th to 28th of the menstrual cycle, and it usually takes 14 days. At this time, the follicles in the ovaries are mature and ovulation gradually forms a luteal period.For example, a woman’s menstrual cycle is 28 days, so the last 14 days is the follicle period, and her luteal period is her luteum.One week before menstruation, it is the most obvious period of luteal growth. We must avoid strenuous exercise and overly losing weight.

Activation of luteal deficiency:

Insufficient luteum, also known as luteal dysplasia, its main performance is the following 5 points:

1. Insufficient lutein secretion may lead to shortening menstrual cycle;

2. It often has a small amount of vaginal red secretion in a few days before menstruation, and then formally comes to menstruation;

3. Although the basal body temperature is two-phase but upper or decreased, the luteal period is shortened to 10-12 days;

4. If you are pregnant, most patients may have an early abortion, and a few patients may have infertility;

5. Inadequate luteum leads to insufficient duration of high temperature. For example, high temperature lasts from the 14th day of menstruation to the 21st day, only 8 days.Generally speaking, the high temperature continues to indicate that the luteal is insufficient.

Inception of luteal rupture:

The luteal only "goes to work" in the luteal stage.The luteal period of the luteal stage will slowly develop. When 7-8 days after ovulation, about the 22nd of the menstrual cycle, the luteal will develop to the highest peak and the largest.

The luteal wall of the large head is also very thin. With a little force and stimulating abdominal movement, the abdominal pressure is increased, and the luteal rupture may occur.

1. During the luteal stage, running, jumping and other strenuous exercise, coughing or rising abdominal pressure when the stool is coughing or solving the stool, causing the luteal rupture;

2. The effect of external forces such as a severe impact on the abdomen.The most common incentive is that women’s reproductive organs are expanded and congested during sexual life, the luteal tension is rising, and the man’s movement is rude.

3. During the development of the luteal development, the small blood vessels of the ovaries are destroyed. Internal luteal bleeding causes internal pressure to rise, thereby spontaneous rupture. This situation is very rare.

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