The man had just finished ligments, but his wife was pregnant. Is it derailed?

It is said that the hospital is a place where you can see warmth and warm things in the world and help others to be indifferent to life and death.

A few days ago, my colleagues ate such a melon: It was a pair of couples who decided to determine Dink. A few weeks after her husband had a ligation surgery, but found that his wife was pregnant?Intersection

Is my wife derailed?How do you feel "green" above his head?

With the development and progress of society, more and more young people do not have the idea of babies after they get married. They choose to continue to pursue career success, or simply enjoy the happiness brought by the two world.But sexual life is the basic physiological needs, and it may be pregnant and cannot be "popped" happily.

Therefore, many friends come to consult the way of breeding medicine.

According to the development of modern medicine and clinical application, there are more women’s births than men. Let’s take a look at:

(1) Boys male condoms; dharma ligation; excretion of in vitro.

The actor in our story uses the second way, that is, male vasters ligation.

Volticism ligation is to block the pipeline of the sperm through surgery, so that the sperm cannot be discharged from the vollar tube, which is physically absorbed by auto -absorption, which hinders the combination of sperm and eggs, thereby achieving the purpose of birth.

The other two are common men with a condom or choosing in vitro exclusion in sexual life. Among them, the success rate of condoms can reach more than 95%, and it is a relatively safe, effective and convenient contraceptive measure.

(2) Girls

As we all know, girls generally only ovulate once a month, and generally have only one egg, which is different from tens of millions of sperm.Theoretically, women’s contraception is simpler than male contraception. Scientists and medical experts are also committed to more research on women’s contraceptives. Women’s contraceptive methods have the following: oral contraceptives; in -palaces, vaginal ring; tool contraception(Women’s condoms, diaphragms, cervical hats, contraceptive sponges); fallopian tube ligation; uterine cutting.

If women choose sterilization, laparoscopic sorting surgery (fallopian tube ligation) is also more common. This operation needs to be performed in the operating room. Doctors do small incisions under the female belly button, and then insert a sub -visual mirror (laparoscopic laparoscopy (laparoscopic laparosa), And surgery through laparoscopy, remove, interrupt and / or close the fallopian tube by performing one of the following operations.

(Note: The way of fallopian tube ligation method and location, from the network)

If the wife is still conceived naturally after the male vas The vas The vascular ligation is ligated, we first suspect that there is an alienation after surgery.The spontaneous compatibility is that the damaged vasters will re -connect or re -pass by itself, thereby restoring the male fertility ability.I have to say that sometimes the vitality of the human structure is still tenacious.

Secondly, the possibility of ligation surgery fails. Although urological doctors do voltage removal, it only takes 15-20 minutes, no systemic anesthesia is required, and it can be performed under the hemp.Everyone knows this.

Finally, contraceptive measures are still taken recently after ligation.Generally speaking, men who are undergoing tubular resection also need to continue contraception for a period of time. Usually, after surgery, it will lose fertility after 15 to 20 times.Male friends can start sex according to their physical condition after surgery. If many active sperm stored in the storage tube at this time are combined with eggs, it is also possible to get pregnant.

In the end, it may be a outside story or a joke. The heroine in our gossip story may be pregnant with the children of others.

As the third child is open, many couples who like children have the idea and plan of three babies.

Even if a ligation surgery has been performed, there is a chance to have a chance to give birth.

Clinically, vasters can be used, which is a main type of surgery that wants to be natural for natural pregnancy and refinement.In general, it is to re -connect the vastered pipes that have been blocked by ligations before and restore the function of transmitting sperm.According to the research and clinical data of literature, under the microscope of urology (20 times can be amplified), the sectoral dynasties are very mature. You can choose a regular, large, and triple hospital. Surgery physicians can recover.

In addition, after the male ligation, you still want a baby. You can also choose the method of freezing semen in the sperm library in advance, or extract sperm from the epididymis and testicles.the goal of.

In fact, the use of ligation methods is a traumatic contraceptive method for boys and girls, and it is generally not recommended.If the husband and wife of the two sides reach a consensus, as for which kind of birth method should be discussed by the two, but at present, the fact that there is an indisputable fact is that female friends assume most of the birth responsibilities in the society.

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Author: Chen Yunyun

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