The man is not at home for half a year, his wife is pregnant, and the man suspects that the child is not him. Forcing his wife to sign an agreement

Zhou Zhiqiang was the first marriage. Li Xiaomei was a second marriage. The two were not married for a long time. In order to earn more money at home, Zhou Zhiqiang went out to work. As soon as he went out, he was more than half a year.

One day Zhou Zhiqiang returned home and found that his wife was pregnant.

Generally, men have to be happy when they heard that their daughter -in -law is pregnant, but Zhou Zhiqiang is not happy at all. He always feels that this child does not seem to be him. Although he has returned during the six months, he was with his wife with his wife.It was short, he felt that his wife couldn’t get pregnant so easily.

Because he suspected that the child was not his, Zhou Zhiqiang couldn’t sleep well all day, and couldn’t eat it. He couldn’t help but ask his wife, "Who is this child?"

When Li Xiaomei saw him, he was very angry and said, "Children are yours, do you doubt me?"

But Zhou Zhiqiang still did not believe what his wife said. He wanted to see his wife’s pregnancy test report. When his wife saw him, he was very angry.divorce."

But Zhou Zhiqiang insisted on seeing the report of the pregnancy check. Li Xiaomei reluctantly handed the pregnancy report to him. After seeing the report of the pregnancy test, Zhou Zhiqiang was even more restless. He even thought that his wife must be derailed other men because he found outThere are traces of changes in the last menstrual time in the pregnancy report.

So he yelled at Li Xiaomei: "You shameless woman, hurry up, who is this child?"

Li Xiaomei couldn’t be angry. She said, "You are also a man, why do you doubt me, this child is yours, you don’t believe it, we can divorce."

Li Xiaomei was angry. She brought a few clothes and returned to her mother’s house.

Zhou Zhiqiang saw his wife left, and he couldn’t dispel the fire at home.

He checked it online. If you want to know if the child is him, you can let his wife do a amaranth puncture during pregnancy?In this way, you can find out whether the child is him.

So Zhou Zhiqiang came to his father -in -law’s house the next day, but his father -in -law stayed at the door, and he would not let Zhou Zhiqiang enter the house at all, and he did not let him see Li Xiaomei. The father -in -law said that when the child is born, you will divorce.

Then Zhou Zhiqiang came a few more times, and he couldn’t see Li Xiaomei’s shadow at all, and his father -in -law’s house had no good face to him.

Zhou Zhiqiang did not get the water from the water. It was very troublesome. He thought about it and found the mediation staff of a show to help mediate about it. He wanted the mediation staff to persuade Li Xiaomei to do amniotic fluid puncture inspection.

One day, Zhou Zhiqiang and the mediator came to Li Xiaomei’s mother’s house, but his father -in -law and mother -in -law insisted that he didn’t know where Li Xiaomei went.

No matter what the mediation staff says, the father -in -law and mother -in -law are very hard, but they do not talk to Zhou Zhiqiang.

Later, Zhou Zhiqiang found the co -friend of the two people before he found that Li Xiaomei was playing mahjong at a neighbor’s house. So Zhou Zhiqiang and the mediation officer came to the neighbor’s house and saw Li Xiaomei.

When Li Xiaomei saw Zhou Zhiqiang, he got up and wanted to leave. He still helped Li Xiaomei and said, "There is a solution to something, and it is not a way to hide."

Li Xiaomei also said his own distress: "I am pregnant with twins, and it is very hard to bring children. After he returned, he not only did not comfort me, but also suspected that I would be dyed with other men.To divorce him. "

The mediator also said Zhou Zhiqiang’s thoughts, and wanted Li Xiaomei to do amniotic fluid puncture inspection to prove that the child was his.

Li Xiaomei said: "I am resolutely not doing the amniotic fluid puncture inspection. I can say certain that 100%of the child is his, because I personally suffer that I personally have a person, and it still has an unfavorable impact on the fetus. I can’t do it."

At this time, the mediator told Zhou Zhiqiang: "Doing this examination is indeed an impact on both pregnant women and fetuses. If you don’t wait for the child to give birth to a parent -child identification."

But Zhou Zhiqiang said straightforwardly that if it has an impact on the child, I am responsible.

Zhou Zhiqiang said that if you do n’t have a check for a day, I ca n’t eat a day and I ca n’t sleep. Why do you let her talk about the traces of changes in the pregnancy test report?

Li Xiaomei also explained on the spot. She said, "My menstruation is usually not very regular. When I was pregnant, my lower body had blood. I thought it was menstruation, so I didn’t take it seriously. Later, my stomach was particularly uncomfortable.I went to the hospital for examination. As a result, the doctor told me that it was pregnant. The pregnancy test report had to be filled in the last period of menstruation, so she remembered this time, and the doctor helped her change it. "

After listening to his wife’s explanation, Zhou Zhiqiang also felt that his wife was lying to him.

Zhou Zhiqiang thought that the child was not him. No matter what his wife said, no matter how the mediation officer persuaded him, he was like crazy. Later, the move was unimaginable.

He took out his cell phone and called a person. The person he called was the owner of a small store near his house. Because he found that Li Xiaomei often went to a small shop to buy things, and said with this man, he said and laughed.He suspected that his wife and this man had a dye.

When he called the man’s phone call, he said to the man, "You know Li Xiaomei, I am Li Xiaomei’s cousin, now Li Xiaomei is pregnant, is the child you? You can quickly admit it."

The man at the end of the phone was rushed and said, "Are you sick? There is a kind of you come here, let’s talk in person."

At a glance, Zhou Zhiqiang seemed to be wronged and scared, but he was still unwilling, and finally came up with a trick. He said to his wife, "Let’s sign an agreement now., But after the child is born, you have to do a parent -child identification. If the identification results are mine, I will apologize to the whole family in front of the village. If the child is not mine, your family will pay me 500,000 yuan in mental loss."

As soon as the words fell, Li Xiaomei and her father said in unison: "You want to be beautiful, we will not sign the agreement. After the child is born, we will go to divorce. There is no room for discussing."

Then Li Xiaomei’s father brought Li Xiaomei home.

The crowds of the surrounding people were spent. Some people said that Li Xiaomei was not afraid of shadow oblique, so she should do it.

Some people say that Zhou Zhiqiang is not like a man at all. He is too careful. Regardless of the safety of his wife and children, he insists on doing a puncture inspection, and is not assured of his wife. Such a man will have a matter with him.

What do you think about this matter?Should Li Xiaomei do this amniotic fluid puncture test?

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