The man saved a pregnant mother and snake, which fired a live fish every day, but killed with tears ten days later.

Bei Si is a rural person. He grew up in Zhoujiadian since he was a child. He was crowded out because he was a foreign name.In his early years, his father went up the mountain and accidentally fell to the mountain and fell to death.Bei Si’s mother died of illness a few days after this.

Best married four years later, and lived with his wife, male and female, and his wife was pregnant, and his life was very happy.One day a snake appeared, so that the original life of the couple was not calm.

On that day, Bei Si went to the river as usual to fish, and went home to make soup for the pregnant wife to supplement her body.

After Bi Siwang sprinkled the net, he found a tree shade, lay down to rest, and wanted to sleep well.Bei Si felt a little cool, her eyes opened, and she immediately jumped and frightened.It turned out that there was a snake on the branches not far away, staring straight at Bai Si, and a snake letter in his mouth.Bei Si retired subconsciously, thinking that fortunately, he found it early, otherwise he was bitten by the snake.

Bei Si was about to turn to leave, and accidentally saw a wound on the snake. When he was injured, he was hesitant when he was hesitant, and the snake suddenly said, "You are a kind person., I am a snake cultivated on this mountain. I accidentally fell into the trap and was seriously injured. Now I am pregnant, I’m about to give birth, can you save me and my child? "Four scared.Later, he remembered the rumor that the village had been rumored to have practiced snake fairy on the mountain, and thought that his wife was also pregnant, and he became a wife and children, so he quietly took the pregnant black snake home.

After returning home, Bi Si told his wife that although his wife was scared, he felt that Ji virtue was good, so he hid the snake in the yard.Because the four of Bei are far away from the others in the village, and no one finds the snake.Since then, Bei Si beat the fish, and he threw part of the live fish in the yard for snakes, and took it back to cook soup for his wife.Ten days later, the snake was about to give birth.When Bei Si gave the snake once again, the snake said, "When I was the weakest when I gave birth to a child, you will kill me at that time, but my child wants you to take good care, thank you!"After listening, he said in surprise and said, "Why? After you have a child, I quietly send you back, why kill you?"

It turned out that there was no more than one snake on the mountain and the pregnant snake was much weaker than usual.On this day, the snake was seriously injured by the same attack. When he encountered Bei Si, he wanted to avoid pursuit with the help of Bei Si.In the past ten days of the four days, the snake was influenced by the goodness of the couple.The snake was afraid of causing misfortune to the Bi Si, and he was afraid that the child would be hurt with himself.Only sacrificing yourself can he exchange for the safety of the child, so he told Bei Si to kill himself.On the same day, the snake gave birth to a snake egg, and Bei Si killed the black snake with tears.A month later, the little snake successfully broke the shell, and Bei Si’s wife also gave birth to a big fat boy.

Since then, the Bei Si family has a small snake no matter where she goes, becoming a landscape in the village.No one knows the story behind this.

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